Germany: Tensions rising in “battle for German Islam”

The report below states that “the blunders of German officials spurred heated responses from traditional Muslims” at an Islamic conference in Berlin dubbed “Islam in Germany,” where “the two sides seemed to take their positions in the fight for the future of Islam in Germany, and across Europe.” The biggest blunders by Germany were its failed open-door immigration plan and its kowtowing to Muslim lobbies in the name of diversity, out of fear of being called “racist Islamophobes.” The goal of Germany should be to assimilate Muslims and foster their respect for democratic institutions. The recent Islamic conference in Berlin was a farce, and indicated the troubling extent that Germany (and Europe) is becoming Islamized. Currently, Salafism is the fastest growing Islamic movement in Germany.

At that same conference, Germany’s Integration Ministry undersecretary Serap Güler wearing a mini-skirt during a panel discussion. Stuttgart-based freelance journalist Yüksel Aktay said on Facebook: “Madam, how you dress in your private life, it is none of our business…however when you go to the Islamic conference, you have to be decent and virtuous.” Güler has no obligation to conform to the Islamic norms of decency and virtue. And yet another issue at that conference became explosive: the serving of blood pork sausages for those who were non-Muslims. This was regarded as an insult to the sensitivities of Muslims and blew up into a #BloodSausageGate.

The article below also states that “tensions have risen in Germany thanks in part to groups like the far-right, anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany party, which sees Islam as incompatible with German values.” Sharia is indeed incompatible with democracy, and the best of Islamic scholars and leaders, straight from Al Azhar, would be the first to agree.

via Germany: Tensions rising in “battle for German Islam”

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