UN Migration Pact takes aim at “hate speech,” Slovakia becomes the tenth country to reject it

Sensible nations are rejecting the disastrous UN Migration Pact — the full name of which is the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration — a UN scheme to make the hijrah seem to be controlled and orderly, all the while stripping away the border controls of sovereign countries and putting them in the hands of the United Nations, which will also influence “diversity” measures and work to curtail free speech within Western nations under the pact.

Slovakia is now “the latest nation to follow U.S. President Donald Trump’s lead in withdrawing from the United Nations.” The Prime Minister of Slovakia, Peter Pellegrini, has called the Pact harmful and a dangerous security risk, warning that the document describes mass migration as “inevitable, necessary, and desirable” while failing to distinguish between legal and illegal migration.

Although there are arguments that the migration pact would not be legally binding, it is politically binding. It is presented in much the same deceptive manner that the Liberal Government of Canada presented the anti-blasphemy Motion M103, which was passed in Parliament. Its proponents argued that a motion is not a law, but motions provide the framework for possible future laws, as well as influence the interpretation of existing laws. Of course, M-103 further armed the already weaponized Canadian human rights commissions and tribunals, enabling them to terrorize and ruin the lives of citizens, as was recently shown in a Jihad Watch article: “Landlord loses appeal to overturn order to pay Muslims $12,000 for wearing shoes in their prayer room.” M-103 also resulted in followup action to systematically “monitor citizens for compliance” in a 23-million-dollar program — money stolen from Canadian taxpayers — that will supposedly help fight discrimination, including “Islamophobia.”

via UN Migration Pact takes aim at “hate speech,” Slovakia becomes the tenth country to reject it

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