UK MP’s call for “Islamophobia” to be classed as “racism,” want to criminalize claims that Islam spread by the sword

“However, the report cites other arguments from Oxford University student Bertie Vidgen, that ‘giving up the term Islamophobia – and with it the possibility of creating legal instruments to tackle it – simply because of the perceived risk that may limit free speech would be highly misguided.’”

Why is the UK Parliament citing a university student? In any case, Bertie asserts that it “would be highly misguided” to refraining from criminalizing “Islamophobia” “simply because of the perceived risk that may limit free speech.” At least in this article, he does not support his assertion with either evidence or argument. In reality, forbidding criticism of any individual, group or idea in itself means the end of the freedom of speech, as the one rendered immune from criticism is then free to do whatever he, she, or it wants without fear of any opposition at all, and that is the very definition of tyranny.

“University lecturer Ben Whitham highlights ‘the concept of inseparability of race and religion, whereby an attack on the religion cannot be separated from an attack on the race,’ the report also says.”

This is moronic. Muslims aren’t only of one race. There are white people who are fervent believers in Islam, such has Hamas-linked CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper, the late al-Qaeda jihadi Adam Gadahn, the Marin County Taliban John Walker Lindh, North Carolina jihad plotters Justin Sullivan and Donald Ray Morgan, would-be Wichita jihad bomber Terry Lee Loewen, Boston Marathon jihad bombers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, UK “Sharia patrol” leader Jordan Horner, failed former Brandeis Professor Joseph Lumbard, and many, many others. Is criticizing any of them “racist”?

“Examples of ‘Islamophobia’ listed including claiming it is terrorism to support an independent Palestine, calling Muhammad a paedophile, and ‘claims of Muslims spreading Islam by the sword or subjugating minority groups under their rule.’”

via UK MP’s call for “Islamophobia” to be classed as “racism,” want to criminalize claims that Islam spread by the sword

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