How Sinead O’Connor Responded When Asked to Condemn Islam’s Oppression of Women

Sinead O’Connor was once invited to speak at a Mothers Against Radical Islam and Sharia (MARIAS) event in London, or at least to put out a statement on the group’s behalf. She had the good grace to reply to say that she couldn’t speak out against Islam in England because she was too busy fighting for women’s rights in her own country.

To her credit, she did help expose the abuse that girls and boys were suffering in laundries, orphanages, and at the hands of pedophile priests. I wonder if she will now look to expose the abuses that occur, today, against girls and boys in madrassas and mosques and in their own homes during Quran lessons, by imams and clerics up and down the UK. The double standard is that when the Catholic Church was caught in a scandal, no one was afraid to blame the Pope for a cover-up and name the priests as being ‘priests’ and ‘Catholic’. No one danced around the issue, minced their words or pulled their punches. Nor did Sinead hesitate to rip up a picture of the Pope on live American TV. Would she dare rip up a picture of Muhammad? Would she dare call a cleric who raped boys and girls a ‘Muslim’? Let’s wait and see if her feminist activism continues within Islam. If it does, let’s wait and see how long before a fatwah gets put out against her.

Sinead has falsely claimed to be a theologian, and falsely claimed that when you study world religions, then all roads lead you to Islam. This simply isn’t true, and any theologian of note would laugh in your face if you said it to them. It all leaves me to wonder what empowerment for women Sinead is seeing within Islam that’s drawing her towards it. She’s a bit of an attention-seeker and hasn’t had a hit album in years, and she has gone from making YouTube videos of herself in a motel room in New Jersey, crying and begging for her family to come and save her, to now converting to Islam. She clearly has mental health issues and is in need of care. I would imagine that she sees Islam as today’s major talking point, and she’s jumping on the bandwagon and playing the fame game to keep herself in the news.

via How Sinead O’Connor Responded When Asked to Condemn Islam’s Oppression of Women

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