Maajid Nawaz’s fairy-tale version of Islam

On Maajid Nawaz’s LBC radio call-in show, he is forever taking fellow Muslims to task. He berates them if they believe homosexuals or adulterers should be stoned. He berates them for believing in sharia. He likens Muslims who believe that stoning adulterers and gays is okay so long as the conditions are met to the BNP (a racist, white nationalist group in the United Kingdom; it is now defunct). He doesn’t believe in the sharia punishment for apostasy or blasphemy. These are all fundamental aspects of Islam. He’s a Muslim who is following a fairy-tale version of Islam, an Islam that doesn’t exist anywhere else but in his mind.

And yet while he denounces Islam, he also lies about its teachings and defends it. There’s a hadith in which saintly Muhammad had rubbish dropped on his door every morning by a neighbouring Jew. Then, good Samaritan that he is, Muhammad went to check on the Jew when he awakened one morning to find no rubbish had been dumped at his door. He wanted to make sure the Jew wasn’t dead or ill. This is the picture Maajid Nawaz painted of Muhammad on one of his radio shows. Meanwhile, Nawaz is neglecting to tell listeners that Muhammad was fond of having his critics killed and tortured, and very fond of killing Jews, even young Jewish boys with so much as one pubic hair.

via Maajid Nawaz’s fairy-tale version of Islam

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