Tel Aviv Scientists’ Breakthrough Prevents Rejection of Tissues, Repair Sick Organs

Chronic illness and eventually death result from the fact that none of us was born with crucial extra parts. In that case, organ donations from others of a heart, liver, kidney or other organs can give new life.

But receiving donated organs is complicated, even when the surgery is successful, because recipients have to take drugs for the rest of their lives that suppress the immune system to prevent rejection of the foreign tissue. Even using synthetic substances from animals causes such risky immune responses.

A “breakthrough” in basic research has just been reported by researchers at Tel Aviv University (TAU) in Israel that could change all this. They have succeeded in developing a technology for engineering all types of body tissues from a tiny piece of fat from the recipient. The results of the groundbreaking study were published in the journal Advanced Materials, and the new technology has been successfully tested on animals and human immune cells.

via Tel Aviv Scientists’ Breakthrough Prevents Rejection of Tissues, Repair Sick Organs

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