Merkel faces party revolt over UN migration pact

Last January, UN Secretary General António Guterres unveiled his plan to promote mass migration into Europe. He made the claim that “mass migration powers economic growth, reduces inequalities and connects diverse societies.”

The UN Migration Pact is touted as a solution to the migration crisis, but the agenda remains the same: the globalist aim to implement a utopian vision that migrants will assimilate and compensate for the low birthrates of Western countries. This irrational vision not only divides the EU, but also the Americas. Canada plans to “lead the charge,” while Trump has withdrawn from the Pact. And in Europe, Poland and Hungary have also left, and the EU is now slamming Austria for exiting. The Czech Republic is preparing to withdraw its support also, and now in Germany, “Angela Merkel is facing a revolt within her Christian Democratic Union as prominent members begin to oppose the UN migration pact.”

Merkel is set to step down in a few years. “One of the most prominent critics of the UN migration pact within the CDU has been Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn, a conservative leader within the party who has put himself forward as a successor” to Merkel. Spahn, unlike Merkel, has prioritized the sovereignty of Germany and seeks to put limitations on migration. But in the meantime, Germany still faces the problems of the massive numbers of Muslim migrants that Merkel has admitted, as well as the hundreds of thousands of migrants of which it has lost track.

via Merkel faces party revolt over UN migration pact

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