UK’s top prosecutor refuses to use the phrase “Islamic terrorism,” meets with pro-jihad Islamic apologists

The intrepid Hill says it would be “‘fundamentally wrong’ to attach terrorism ‘to any of the world religions.”

All right. But who, exactly, is doing the attaching here? Islamic jihadis routinely point to the Qur’an and Muhammad to justify their actions and appeal to peaceful Muslims. And the Qur’an itself exhorts Muslims to “strike terror in the enemies of Allah” (8:60), and also says that Allah will also strike terror in them (3:151), as well as command the angels to do so (8:12).

“He said that the term ‘Daesh-inspired terrorism’ should be used instead.”

Unfortunately for Hill, Islamic terrorism is a lot older than “Daesh,” The history of Islam includes an unbroken record of jihad violence, including terrorism. Wherever Muslims have gone in the world, some of them have waged jihad warfare against non-Muslims. Terrorist acts against Christians, Jews, Hindus and others were frequent. The whole shocking record of this, hardly known at all in the West and obscured by mountains of propaganda, is in my new book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, the first and only one-volume narrative history of jihad in the English language. Arm yourself against the propaganda, which just keeps on coming — order the book here.

via UK’s top prosecutor refuses to use the phrase “Islamic terrorism,” meets with pro-jihad Islamic apologists

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