Anti-Semitism is Apolitical

Beyond the Cusp

Hatred, particularly anti-Semitism, knows no specific side of the political debate, as it lies predominantly at all extremes. Anti-Semitism comes in a plethora of variations and root causes from every direction of the political fields. There are extreme leftists, extreme nationalists, white Supremacists, Black power movements, Islamic inspired, Christianity driven, Monarchists, Anarchists, Isolationists, Tribalists, Totalitarianists and probably even more than we care to list. The other thing is that anti-Semitism is something with which every age has had to struggle. The main difference was if the governance was struggling to eradicate it or using it to eradicate the Jews. There is a trope about the Jews always residing away from the rest of the community and often within a walled in community. This has been used to claim that the Jews were anti-social and exclusionary. The story often goes that wherever one finds a Jewish community, they live alone, separate…

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