The Pittsburgh Massacre

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The claim that the mass murder of worshippers at a synagogue in Pittsburgh was the product of Republican discourse on immigration and citizenship is a cynical ploy to use the trauma to bar conservative positions from the public sphere. An anti-Semitic massacre does not preclude the legitimate positions of an incumbent administration. This attack was triggered not by current political discourse but by the fusion of rabid Jew hatred and a propensity for violence – a combination that unfortunately existed long before the founding of the US.

An explanation for the anti-Semitic massacre in Pittsburgh gained momentum very quickly: that it was a product of Donald Trump’s Republican discourse in general, and his attitude towards immigration and refugee policy in particular. This is a cynical exploitation and politicization of trauma and loss.

We are apparently meant to believe the murderer was a “weakened social link” whose anti-Semitism was legitimated in his mind by the rhetoric of the president. He was supposedly egged on from above, in other words. The “words can kill” message is being employed by the media to take direct aim at Republican policy positions.

Conservative positions concerning identity, nationality, citizenship, the distribution of resources, the rule of law, and internal security are now labeled “populist,” and anyone holding such views is expected to feel ashamed of himself. Jews in particular who hold such views are being told to do some soul-searching, as if it was they who gave the green light to a mass-murdering extremist.

via The Pittsburgh Massacre

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