Hugh Fitzgerald: Sajid Javid’s Tweet Horrifies Sadiq Khan (Part Two)

The abuse included gang rape, forcing the girls to perform various sex acts, the more degrading the better. They were made to watch other girls being raped. They loaned girls out to other men, sex slaves passed on from “Asian” man to “Asian” man. They were called “white slag” and “white c**t.” The exploitation could go on for months, even years. Photographs were taken of the girls performing sex acts, and they would be threatened that if they reported any of what had happened, those photographs would be sent far and wide, beginning with their parents. The girls would in some cases be doused with petrol and threatened with being set on fire. The “Asian” men would threaten to rape their mothers and younger sisters.

By 2015, Muslim groomers had been tried and convicted in London, Aylesbury, Banbury, Birmingham, Blackbury, Blackpool, Bradford, Bristol, Bolton, Chesham, Derby, Ipswich, Keighley, Leeds, Leicester, Manchester, Middlesbrough, Oldham, Oxford, Peterborough, Preston, Rochdale, Rotherham, Sheffield, Skipton, Slough, and Telford. How many more towns, since 2015, will have to be added to the list? In every case, in those 27 cities and towns, the grooming gangs consisted entirely of British Pakistanis — “Asians” — except for two North African Arabs who joined the Pakistanis in their gang-rapes in Oxford, and twelve Somalis in Bristol who ran their own sex ring with young girls.

“The Home Secretary should know better,” he [Sadiq Khan] said, adding that he believed either the Home Secretary was taking advice from people who want him to lead the Tory party on how to win support from the membership, “or he’s in some sort of arms race with his competitor Boris Johnson.” Both Khan and Javid are of Asian [Pakistani] heritage. Khan said that far-right groups could use Javid’s comments as evidence of the “myths they are perpetuating.” “As a consequence of some of these messages, of some of this language, I’m telling you, around the country ethnic minorities, particularly those of Asian origin, from the subcontinent, will be suffering more discrimination, will be at the end of more abuse because of this sort of language,” he added.

What “myths” are those “far-right” groups perpetuating? The “myth” that grooming gangs consist almost entirely of “Asians” (British-Pakistanis) who have been sexually abusing large numbers of English girls for years? That’s not a myth. That is what courts found to be the case in twenty-six cities in England so far. Only in Bristol were those convicted not Pakistanis, but Somalis. Why is bringing this to the attention of the pubic inadmissible? Shouldn’t the British public be kept fully informed of what has become one of the most horrific scandals in the history of the U.K. — the scandal of the grooming gangs themselves, and the scandal of the police dragging their feet on investigating these grooming gangs in order to avoid charges of “racism” and “islamophobia”? Don’t parents need to be able to tell their daughters about these grooming gangs, including the fact that they should be particularly wary of “Asian” men? Would such a warning be unforgivable “racism” in spreading a “myth” about “Asian grooming gangs,” as Sadiq Khan wants you to believe, or would it make perfect sense, as Sajid Javid believes?

via Hugh Fitzgerald: Sajid Javid’s Tweet Horrifies Sadiq Khan (Part Two)

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