Jewish Dual Loyalty: The Classic Anti-Semitic Stereotype


XECUTIVE SUMMARY: Accusations of dual loyalty are the main anti-Semitic hate motif worldwide, as well as in the US. Extrapolating from poll data, it can be inferred that up to seventy-five million Americans might believe their Jewish co-citizens are more loyal to Israel than to the US. If that were true, the great majority of American Jews would likely have voted for Donald Trump, who is proving so far to be one of the most pro-Israel presidents in history. Yet only 24% of US Jews supported him in the 2016 elections, and in the newly elected Congress, a host of Jewish Democrat committee heads are expected to attack the president.

The recent murder of 11 Jews in a synagogue in Pittsburgh was followed by the release of a 2017 FBI publication that reported that 60% of all religiously biased hate crime incidents in the US were anti-Jewish, far exceeding the figure for other religions. These and a variety of other manifestations of anti-Semitism necessitate an analysis of the main negative stereotypes of Jews in the US against an international background.

Statistics show that the main anti-Semitic hate motif worldwide is that diaspora Jews are more loyal to Israel than to the country in which they live. The Global 100 study released by the ADL in 2014 found that 30% of adult Americans polled believe this canard. A 2015 ADL study found a slightly higher percentage.

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Sweden: What ‘Humanitarian Superpower’?


In October, Sweden, which apparently likes to see itself as a “humanitarian superpower,” decided to expel and deport a 6-year old boy to the Ukraine. The boy had been technically orphaned when his mother died and his father, who lives in the Ukraine, formally renounced custody of his child in a Ukrainian court. The boy, Denis, has no other relatives in the Ukraine and would therefore have to go straight to an orphanage.

In 2015, Denis’s mother brought him from the Ukraine to Sweden — where his mother’s parents were already living. She applied for a residence permit for herself and her son, but it was rejected, for reasons apparently still undisclosed. News outlets do not seem to have been digging into why her original request was rejected. The Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket) decided to deport Denis, even though he is living with his maternal grandparents, who have applied to adopt the child.

Denis “has not given probable cause that he will not be suitably taken care of upon [his] return to Ukraine” wrote the migration authority in its decision. They also mystifyingly referred to the decision as being “in the child’s best interest”.

That the boy is technically an orphan and that his grandparents, with whom he lives in Sweden, have begun adoption proceedings, is not enough to stop the deportation, said Karin Fährlin, unit head at Migrationsverket.

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Two stories that fall outside BBC framing

BBC Watch

Early this month a serious road accident took place in the Jordan Rift Valley in which six Arab residents of Jerusalem were killed. One of the deceased was however refused burial by Muslim religious authorities in Jerusalem.

“Ala’a Qarash was one of six people killed in a collision between a truck and a minibus on Highway 90 two weeks ago.

The Palestinians accused Qarash of being a “traitor” for allegedly selling property in Jerusalem to Jews, and Jerusalem’s [former] mufti, Ekrima Sa’id Sabri, determined Qarash did not deserve a proper burial at a Muslim site. […]

Sabri noted in his ruling that “anyone who sells (property) to Jews in Jerusalem’s Old City is no longer part of the Islamic faith, we will not accept his repentance, and he will not be buried in a Muslim cemetery.”

After the accident, the bodies of the Arab casualties were brought to the…

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The International Ploy to Destroy Israel

Beyond the Cusp

The Arabs generally and the Palestinian Arabs particularly will never give-up on their dreams to destroy Israel. The history of this is something which we have spoken of before and will not repeat the litany of pogroms, riots, wars and propaganda thrown at this obsession since the start of the return of Zionist Jews over a century and a half, from the 1850’s to the modern era. The cost in lives and treasure to both sides is incalculable. What we wish to discuss here is the latest pathway, the new strategy, which has been employed largely by Mahmoud Abbas over the last decade and a half and now more generally by Palestinian Authority (PA) officials as well as a smattering of others. The most recent use came from Palestinian Authority official in charge of foreign affairs, Riyad al-Maliki. The tactic is referred to as internationalizing the problem and it is…

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Top US Official: Iranian Missile Threat Is Growing, Regime Must Change Its Behavior


The regional threat posed by the Iranian regime’s ballistic missile program and its arming of proxies continues to grow, a top US official warned on Thursday.

In remarks delivered in front of an array of seized Iranian weaponry — including a variety of missiles, as well as sniper rifles, RPGs and hand grenades — at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling in Washington, DC, the Trump administration’s special representative for Iran, Brian Hook, called out the government in Tehran as an “outlaw regime” that had violated several UN resolutions regarding arms exports.

“The new weapons we are disclosing illustrate the scale of Iran’s destructive role across the region,” Hook said. “The Iranian regime uses arms to export revolution, prolong crises and inflict death and suffering. The tools of Tehran’s foreign policy are here before you today.”

“Tehran is intent on increasing the lethality and reach of these weapons, to deepen its presence throughout the region,” he added.

Iran’s investment in missile testing and development is on the rise, according to Hook.

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Even Astronauts Fear the Left


There are many reasons I pity today’s younger generation of Americans.

Among them are:

—The unconscionable debt we are leaving them.

—The obliteration of male and female as separate and distinct categories — and the sexual confusion that is left in its wake.

—The emasculation of men and the de-feminization of women.

—The undermining of the value of marriage.

—The lack of God and religion in their lives — and the consequent search for meaning in the wrong places.

—The receiving of indoctrination, rather than education, in most schools from elementary through graduate.

—The inability to celebrate being American.

Tragically and ironically, each one of these was brought on by the very group many young people identify with: the left.

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German city protects its Christmas market from vehicular jihad massacres with concrete Christmas trees as barriers


Celebrate diversity! Diversity is our strength! Aren’t these trees beautiful! How they will add to the festive spirit in Bautzen! But beware: some may deem them “Islamophobic,” since they’re obviously in place because there are Muslims in and around Bautzen, and some of them may be jihadis. The Greens are already enraged over this “fear mongering.” Jihad threat? Pah! Anis Amri? Who’s that?

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IPT Video: Anti-Semites Unchecked


On November 17, 2018 members of radical groups—including United for Palestine and the Muslim American Society—gathered in Brooklyn to protest the recent deaths of terrorists in Gaza. The groups engaged in anti-Semitic, anti-Israel chants and propaganda. In this video, IPT outs the protesters for who they really are.

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