At Last, the Truth is Told!

Since Israel’s unilateral disengagement from Gaza in 2005, the standard of living for the Palestinian people in Gaza has steadily declined, even though Israel gifted the Palestinians with thriving agricultural lands, productive greenhouses and beautiful beachfront communities. From day one of possessing Gaza, the Palestinian leadership began to demolish the greenhouses, raze the infrastructure, including schools and synagogues, and turn the lush farming fields into artillery launching sites. For the past 13 years the citizens of Gaza have suffered greatly, yet somehow the world has always pointed the finger at Israel. Remember, a lie that is told often enough eventually becomes the truth.

But, finally, we are seeing the light. Israel is not to blame for the deplorable conditions in Gaza. It is the Palestinian Authority that has literally kept their people in the dark, limiting them to only four hours of electricity each day and rationing food at a minimum level, all the while blaming Israel.

Who is finally telling the truth? Surprisingly, it is Mahmoud Abbas, the PA president himself. And why is he doing this? Because it is now to his advantage to stir up the people against Hamas, as well as against Israel. He is trying to pressure Hamas into relinquishing control of Gaza to the PA, which governs the Palestinians in the West Bank, and he is applying this pressure by threatening to further curtail the availability of electricity.

via At Last, the Truth is Told!

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