Israel is the Unique Miracle Nation

Beyond the Cusp

There is something special and different about Israel and her actions in world affairs. Israel is not a spiteful nation which turns her back on nations over their mistreatment or disrespect but instead stands ready to assist any nation after they experience a natural disaster or severe accident whether caused by natural powers or human error. Israel could break relations with any and every nation which in any way, shape or form recognized Mahmoud Abbas’s ‘Palestine’ as doing so is the same as wishing Israel be destroyed. Mahmoud Abbas’s ‘Palestine’ is the dream that Arab forces destroy Israel and build him his own fiefdom in its place. Of course, that is his pipe dream and in reality would be his nightmare as Hamas would swoop in with assistance from the Muslim Brotherhood headquartered in Jordan and Iran headquartered in the region in Syria. Once Hamas had cleared the region of…

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