UK: Stepfather called “racist” for complaining about stepdaughter’s assignment to write about converting to Islam


Would any British school have given an assignment to write about converting to Christianity? Of course not. If it had done so, Muslim students, their parents, and Islamic groups would be protesting vociferously, and the school would be apologizing. But in this case, it is the stepfather who is vilified for complaining. And so the Islamization of Britain gallops forward.

“‘I’ve been called a racist and a bigot’: Stepfather explains why he complained when school asked his girl, 12, to write a letter for homework about becoming a Muslim,” by Lara Keay, Mailonline, October 2, 2018:

A stepfather who slammed his 12-year-old’s school for making her write a letter about ‘converting to Islam’ has been called a ‘racist bigot’ and is terrified of violent repercussions.

Mark McLachlan, 43, complained to Kepier School in Houghton-le-Spring, Sunderland when he found the homework task in his stepdaughter’s planner.

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The Speech I Never Gave


When I was twenty years old, there was a famous free-speech case in the state of Illinois. Nazis wanted to march in a Chicago suburb called Skokie, which had a large population of Jews, many of them Holocaust survivors. Skokie sued successfully in county court to prevent the march. The Nazis, with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union, took the case to the state appellate court and the Illinois Supreme Court. Long story short, after the case had gone to the United States Supreme Court, the Nazis were allowed to march.

As I say, I was twenty years old at the time. The Supreme Court’s decision filled me with admiration. Not because I liked Nazis, but because that ruling demonstrated that in the United States of America, even the most reprehensible expression was protected. Innocuous speech doesn’t need protection. What requires protection is controversial speech, extremist speech, speech that perhaps everyone on earth except the speaker finds offensive. Without such protections, any dissent from received opinion is in danger of being shut down. It’s a simple point but a crucial one. Without absolute freedom of speech, freedom itself – all freedom, every freedom – is threatened, period.

Freedom of speech matters to all of us, although some of us avail of ourselves of it more frequently than others, and are thus more aware of it on a day-to-day basis. I’ve been a writer all of my adult life, and I’ve always seemed to have a tendency to take on controversial issues, and so my freedom of speech is something I’ve always been intensely conscious of. Even when I wrote an article severely criticizing the president of my country in my country’s most prominent and powerful newspaper, the New York Times, I knew that my freedom of speech was sacrosanct. I knew that the government would never come after me just for speaking my mind, even about the president. That sort of thing happened in the Soviet Union, not in the U.S., and I never took that difference for granted.

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Hugh Fitzgerald: Jeremy Corbyn Calls For an Arms Embargo on Israel (Part II)


Israel is one of the few countries that has had violence constantly forced upon it. It has had to fight three major wars for its existence, in 1947-49, in 1967, and in 1973. It has fought smaller wars, too: the Sinai Campaign in 1956, the three recent wars in Gaza — in 2008-2009, 2012, and 2014 — against Hamas, as well as an endless campaign against Arab terrorists inside Israel and the territories. Israel must, unfortunately, make use of the weapons it buys. It thus tests them out on the battlefield. If Israel successfully uses British weapons, and the Israelis have a long history of successfully using their weapons — then other potential buyers on the world market will find them more appealing. If the British defense industry can no longer supply Israel, it will not have that battlefield testing of its weapons, that real-life advertisement for their efficacy.

Will a British embargo really hurt Israel? Licences issued to UK defense contractors exporting to Israel in 2017 included those for targeting equipment, small arms ammunition, missiles, weapon sights and sniper rifles. In 2016, the UK issued licences for anti-armour ammunition, gun mountings, components for air-to-air missiles, targeting equipment, components for assault rifles, components for grenade-launchers and anti-riot shields. None of these, with the possible exception of the “components for air-to-air missiles” and “missiles,” are major items. None of them seem to be the kind of thing that Israel could not find from another supplier. Unlike, say, Israel’s own Iron Dome technology, or now its “steel dome” anti-tunnel technology that has been developed with the Americans, there is nothing the British can offer that is unique to them.

There is another aspect to consider. Corbyn may not care, but many in the security services of the United Kingdom certainly do care, about what Israel can offer, not just in weapons systems of its own, but in its intelligence capability. Israel has for years faced an extraordinary threat from Muslim terrorists. Now much of the world faces the same kind, if not the same level, of threat. Israel has during that time developed intelligence networks, both human and technological, that are unrivaled, and of obvious interest to other governments. One government that has collaborated with Israel, receiving information about Iran and such allied terrorist threats as Hezbollah, is Saudi Arabia. Last year, Great Britain was the European nation that suffered the most attacks by Muslim terrorists. It needs whatever help other countries can give. Israel has the expertise — again, both human and technological — that could help detect and foil such threats. Its knowledge is not limited to terrorists in the Middle East. The European nations ought to be solidifying their security ties to Israel, for their own benefit. None of them has had the experience of terrorism that Israel has endured for decades, nor do they have the expertise its agents have developed. There are many acts of Israeli derring-do, of eliminating terrorists in Damascus, or in hotels in the Gulf, or in the capitals of Europe.There have been the assassinations of four Iranian nuclear scientists right in the middle of Tehran, that set back their nuclear program for a long time.

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Abbas’ Deceit


Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority, has denied U.S. claims that the Palestinians have refused to enter peace talks with Israel according to the Associated Press (September 21, 2018). This is the same Mahmoud Abbas, who like his predecessor Yasser Arafat, walked out of peace negotiations with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in 2008. Mahmoud Abbas has done nothing but evade bilateral negotiations with Israel while incessantly repeating the longstanding irredentist demands.

Palestinians, it seems, have much greater concerns to attend to than worry about President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Mahmoud Abbas’ (Abu Mazen) leadership has been less than an inspiring. His presidency of the Palestinian Authority (PA) ended in January, 2009, and he has not called for elections since. January, 2019 will mark the 10th year that Abbas has held the office of President of the PA without a mandate from the people. Worse yet, Abbas’ Fatah party was kicked out of the Gaza Strip in 2007 by Hamas, which won a parliamentary majority in 2006. The autocratic Abbas, in the words of Palestinian civil and human rights activist, Bassem Eid, “represents only his wife and three sons.”

Mahmoud Abbas is responsible for failing to accept the generous peace deal offered to him in 2008 by the dovish Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. In a New York Times article (June 11, 2011), former PM Olmert said that he and Abbas were very close to a peace deal two years earlier. Abbas however hesitated, and Olmert was then beset by legal troubles, as well as the Gaza war between Hamas and Israel, all which caused their talks to end.

In his memoirs published by Israel’s daily Yediot Ahronot, and in an interview with the New York Times, Olmert revealed that the two sides had agreed on key principles: the state of Palestine would have no military; an American-led international security force, not Israeli soldiers, would be stationed on its border with Jordan; Jerusalem would be shared, with the holy sites overseen by a multinational committee; and a limited number of Palestinian refugees would be permitted back into what is now Israel, while the rest would be generously compensated. The two agreed that Israel would keep some land in the West Bank on which settlements had been built, but disagreed on how much. Abbas failed to grab the best possible deal he was offered to make peace and establish a Palestinian state.

Abbas has sought instead to challenge Israel at the UN, and in other international agencies, hoping to create a Palestinian state through the UN, without having to negotiate with Israel. The Times of Israel (April 1, 2014) reported that, “In an apparent breach of understandings with the U.S. and Israel, and with a proposed agreement to extend peace talks awaiting a Palestinian response, PA President Mahmoud Abbas signed an official appeal to join 15 UN and international bodies.”

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Malaysian Prime Minister: Jews are “hook-nosed…in the Holocaust it was not six million”


The comments made by Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad are ghastly enough. Worse is that they are widely tolerated. The hatred Mohamad expresses is palpable, yet:

On his visit to the UK, Mohamad was welcomed by the heads of prestigious academic institutions Imperial College and Oxford University.

Malaysia has been Islamizing more and more, and as the usual pattern prevails: the more Islamized a nation or territory becomes, the more human rights abuses become the norm.

Merely calling out abuses against human beings committed in the name of Islam relegates one to the pile of “islamophobes” and “racists.” After all, Robert Spencer was banned from Britain for this; but to be grossly anti-Semitic is evidently regarded by the UK (and globalists) as acceptable. It is no surprise that the UK has over 85 Sharia courts, in which women are judged as inferiors and sent back home for further abuse in “marital captivity.”

One cannot imagine the outcry if such insults were directed against Muslims and the black population; and there should be an outcry, but why not the same outcry for Jews?

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Austria May Ban Four-Fingered MB Salute


The Austrian government is considering outlawing a four-fingered salute representing support for the Muslim Brotherhood. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan popularized it and began using it after Egypt’s military toppled the Brotherhood in 2013.

Muslim Brotherhood members and sympathizers around the world use the image on websites, posters and literature. If the ban is approved, anyone in Austria who flashes the salute could be fined $4,600.

It also has been used by Muslim Brotherhood supporters in the United States, including members of Egyptian Americans for Freedom and Justice (EAFJ) and former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official Mohamed Elibiary.

Erdogan’s role in popularizing the gesture seems to be driving the Austrian ban. It also would outlaw a wolf-head like salute used by the pro-Erdogan Turkish fascist group the Grey Wolves. Its most infamous member, Mehmet Ali Agca, tried to assassinate Pope John Paul II in 1981. The Wolves have become some of Erdogan’s greatest non-Islamist supporters and aim to unify all Turkic peoples in Turkey across and throughout Central Asia into a single nation.

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Fantasists outraged as Bolton states the fact that “Palestine” is “not a state”


National security adviser John Bolton defended calling Palestine a “so-called state,” saying Wednesday “it is not a state.”

Bolton, speaking to reporters in the White House briefing room, said that denying Palestine’s statehood isn’t counterproductive as the Trump administration prepares to unveil a Mideast peace plan.

“It’s not a state now. It does not meet the customary international law test of statehood,” he said. “It doesn’t control defined boundaries. It doesn’t fulfill normal functions of government. There are a whole host of reasons why it’s not a state.”

“It could become a state, as the president said, but that requires diplomatic negotiations with Israel and others,” Bolton continued….

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Israel is the Unique Miracle Nation

Beyond the Cusp

There is something special and different about Israel and her actions in world affairs. Israel is not a spiteful nation which turns her back on nations over their mistreatment or disrespect but instead stands ready to assist any nation after they experience a natural disaster or severe accident whether caused by natural powers or human error. Israel could break relations with any and every nation which in any way, shape or form recognized Mahmoud Abbas’s ‘Palestine’ as doing so is the same as wishing Israel be destroyed. Mahmoud Abbas’s ‘Palestine’ is the dream that Arab forces destroy Israel and build him his own fiefdom in its place. Of course, that is his pipe dream and in reality would be his nightmare as Hamas would swoop in with assistance from the Muslim Brotherhood headquartered in Jordan and Iran headquartered in the region in Syria. Once Hamas had cleared the region of…

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Meet A Muslim: Moina Shaiq (Part Two)


Moina Shaiq is fond, too, of quoting Qur’an 109.1: “Unto you your religion, and unto me mine.” On its face, it sounds like a statement of tolerance — ‘go ahead, keep your religion, we Muslims don’t mind.” But Qur’an 109 means the exact opposite of what Shaiq wants people to believe. The Quraysh tribe had wanted to come to an understanding with Muhammad, where Muslims and non-Muslims would each try out the other’s religion, as we are told in the Hadith:

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