UK: Police forces unveils “modest” uniform for Muslim female officers, “designed not to show the female form”

This is wonderfully diverse and multicultural and all that. “Panel member Roger Grasby said the force had seen some success in boosting the number of staff who were female, disabled or lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) but ‘less so with BAME,’” that is, black and minority ethnic people.

Now wait a minute. “Disabled” police officers? Certainly disabled people can accomplish a great deal — look at Franklin Delano Roosevelt or Greg Abbott, or Jim Abbott, for that matter — but if you’re being mugged in London, do you really want the police officer chasing the perpetrators in a wheelchair? Will you feel glad in that case, as the muggers slip away out of sight, that your police department is so “diverse”?

I have a radical idea — so radical that I am sure it will not be rejected out of hand by the West Yorkshire Police, but only because it’s so radical, so extreme, that the West Yorkshire Police would never even dare to consider it. Here it is: why not hire police officers based on merit alone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference and orientation, etc.? Why not make police forces completely dedicated solely to protecting the populace, and not laboratories for social engineering?

That will never happen, but if it did, crime would actually go down, because competent, capable police officers would be on the job, rather than ones chosen because of their sex, or race, or how many times a day they say “Allahu akbar.” In such a scenario, people like Mohamed Noor would never be on a police force, anywhere. Would that be so terrible? Wouldn’t it be better at least for Justine Damond?

via UK: Police forces unveils “modest” uniform for Muslim female officers, “designed not to show the female form”

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