The Israel Saving Reality

Beyond the Cusp

Israel has been fortunate that the Palestinians have had chosen leadership of Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas. These two had so much in common that the main difference between them is that one wore fatigues, a keffiyeh topped off with a sidearm while the latter wears a Brooks Brothers suit with a tie and Florsheim lace-up smooth toe shoes. They both were speaking the same exclusionary story which demands that they must win and win completely and the Jews must be extinguished from this Earth. Their radicalist demands being completely undebatable and unalterable in any way whatsoever has led them down the road of failure after failure. Their demand which was part of the founding of the entire Palestinian invented movement when the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) was founded in concert with much effort from the KGB working with the Arab League in a short series of meetings. According to

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