Hungary asks concerning immigration: “What’s wrong with the Swedes?”

The Hungarian government is openly asking “What’s wrong with the Swedes?”…. while the leader of Poland’s governing Law and Justice Party has said his country must avoid Western Europe’s “social diseases”…. Hungarian government spokesman Zoltán Kovács posed the question: “Why are these senior Swedish figures portraying Hungary as Europe’s bogeyman, spreading falsehoods and distorting facts about our government’s policies on migration?….. Those who support immigration, including in this case members of the Swedish government, will not shy away from falsehoods and politically-motivated criticisms of democratically elected governments that, in representing the will of the citizens, oppose mass immigration and open borders

Sweden — like many countries that are afflicted with globalist leaders — does not grasp the difference between responsible immigration and reckless immigration. Swedish leaders have traded their democratic heritage for an anything-goes brand of multiculturalism; that’s what’s wrong with Sweden. Given its current, chaotic state, there may as well be no jails in Sweden and no application process for potential immigrants, since many no-go zones have spread into once-peaceful areas, are like war zones and jihadists are running free. In fact, “shootings, hand-grenade attacks and gang warfare have made some city areas no-go zones.” It certainly is not Hungary that is “Europe’s bogeyman”; it’s now Sweden (Germany and the UK), thanks to indiscriminate immigration policies.

The Hungarian Foreign ministry “cited Sweden’s Minister for Migration Helene Fritzon as criticizing Hungary’s immigration policy,” but there may be hope for Sweden yet, as election day is approaching, with the “Euroceptic” Sweden Democrats becoming significantly popular, with talks circulating of a future possible “Swexit.”

via Hungary asks concerning immigration: “What’s wrong with the Swedes?”

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