Daily Mail: “Far Right is ruthlessly using five killings to stoke up hatred after migrants were implicated”

The Daily Mail, as I have noted more than once, is the worst paper in the Western world: it covers jihad violence more accurately than most, but then demonizes — “ruthlessly,” to use the Daily Mail’s own word — anyone and everyone who actually opposes jihad mass murder and Sharia oppression. This piece is an especially egregious example. Five people have been killed, and the focus is not on the fact that they were murdered by Muslim migrants, and on the implications of that fact, but on the “far right” is “ruthlessly” using the killings to “stoke up hatred.” Were the killers themselves stoking up hatred? Oh, no. Only those who are “using” the killings are, you see.

Any opposition to mass Muslim migration, you see, is “hatred.” There cannot possibly be any legitimate concerns about bringing in large numbers of people among whom will inevitably be some who have nothing but contempt for the host culture and a determination ultimately to replace it with Sharia. There cannot possibly be any legitimate concern for the skyrocketing rape rates, and other crime rates. Anyone who dissents, and who demonstrated in Chemnitz, is a neo-Nazi, to be put down by “Left-wing anti-Nazis.”

Are there Nazis in Chemnitz? Possibly. Are there also Leftists making Hitler salutes in order to discredit the foes of mass migration and Islamization? Almost certainly. If there are actual Nazis around, would that fact discredit utterly the concerns of the “ordinary citizens” who have “also been marching”? Do the “ordinary citizens” have genuine concerns that don’t deserve to be demonized and dismissed as “far-right” and “neo-Nazi”? Of course. But you won’t hear about that in the Daily Mail.

via Daily Mail: “Far Right is ruthlessly using five killings to stoke up hatred after migrants were implicated”

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