British leader refuses to bow to Islam and respect the burqa

British leader, Maajid Nawaz, lashes out at those who are trying to protect the image of Islam.
Majid himself is a moderate Muslim. He criticized the Burqa on a post that he published on social media with the following description:
“This is the uniform of medieval patriarchal tyranny. It victim-blames women for their beauty. Where this is enforced it symbolises violent misogyny. I’m not advocating banning this monstrosity but I refuse to defend it. It deserves to be ridiculed. Not the women inside it… Women defending this have Stockholm syndrome. Liberals defending this are akin to conservatives defending the confederate flag. It is not racist to challenge religion (which is an idea, not a race). It is our civic duty. It is not offensive to remind everyone that this isn’t normal. It is offensive to advocate for this to become normalised… Oh, and blessed be the fruit.”

via British leader refuses to bow to Islam and respect the burqa

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