The Guardian Promotes Hamas Claim That Israel Bombed Gaza ‘Cultural Center’

The Guardian’s coverage of the 2014 summer Gaza war was defined by a failure to challenge Hamas claims and an obfuscation of evidence demonstrating that the terror group routinely used hospitals, mosques, schools, and homes to launch rockets, store weapons, hide command centers, shelter military personnel, and conceal tunnel shafts.

The Guardian’s Jerusalem correspondent during that war was Peter Beaumont.

The reporting by their new Jerusalem correspondent, Oliver Holmes, during the recent round of fighting between Hamas and Israel suggests that this tradition of taking Hamas claims at face value while ignoring or downplaying evidence that contradicts their narrative will continue.

This pattern of bias was on display in reports on an attack that occurred on August 9. In three separate articles, encompassing more than 2,500 words, The Guardian promoted the desired Hamas narrative that the IDF attacked, for no military reason, the Said al-Mishal Center in Gaza City.

via The Guardian Promotes Hamas Claim That Israel Bombed Gaza ‘Cultural Center’

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