Florida: Muslims, Leftists demand official’s resignation for asking if developed societies benefit from more Muslims

The question, as always, is lost in the fog of “Islamophobia” accusations and self-righteous posturing by opportunistic Leftist officials.

Joel Greenberg asked: “Very simple question…Name just ONE society in the developed world that has benefited in ANY WAY from the introduction of more Muslims. Just one.”

This question is not allowed to be asked. Rasha Mubarak, president of the Young Democrats of Orange County, says: “This feeds into the anti-Muslim rhetoric that not only is dangerous for the Muslim community, misperceived Muslim Community, people of color, moreover for our entire Centra Florida community. It’s divisive and hazardous….His statement opens the doors for more bigotry and hate – it’s that kind of discrimination that leads to violence. They’re not just words when they’re by elected officials. It gives a green light for people to act upon this hate and ignorance.”

Claiming without any evidence whatsoever that Greenberg’s words constitute “discrimination that leads to violence” is a common tactic today among Islamic supremacists and their Leftist allies. They claim that because what is being said will supposedly incite people to commit acts of violence against them, the speaker must be silenced for the protection of the Muslim community. Carried to its logical conclusion, this line of reasoning would forbid everyone to say anything critical of anyone, for fear that the criticism might lead to violence against the criticized individual or group. But Leftists and Islamic supremacists never carry it that far; they just use this claim to silence those who state things they don’t want stated.

For the question remains: is there a developed country that has a lower crime rate, an increased GDP, or any sign of economic or societal improvement after a Muslim migrant influx? There have been many immigrant waves into the West, and the question has been asked, and answered favorably, after many of them; but this time, to ask it is in itself an insult and a threat to the Muslim community.

via Florida: Muslims, Leftists demand official’s resignation for asking if developed societies benefit from more Muslims

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