Rockets Red Glare with Bombs Bursting in Air

Beyond the Cusp

As to Americans that sounds distinctly familiar as part of their National Anthem, it is unfortunately the situation for all too many Israelis residing in the southern region. There is this dichotomy with the government where as long as Hamas and Islamic Jihad and their friends attack and destroy anything south of Ashkelon, and even a rocket every now and again into Ashkelon or Ashdod, the reaction will be measured and limited such that it does not threaten to harm a single Gazan. This is done by striking weapons storage, rocket storage, mortar storage, launching sites and manufactures well after midnight and long before dawn, like between one in the morning and three thirty in the morning; then the Israeli government is seen as responding but the world is aware that the response is of a minimal and acceptable nature. The government aims to satisfy those under barrage that they…

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