Palestinians’ Latest “Apartheid Fatwa”

If anyone wanted further proof that no Palestinian leader would ever be able to recognize Israel’s right to exist, it was provided recently in the form of yet another religious decree, or fatwa, issued by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Mohammed Hussein. It is a fatwa that basically tells Muslims: “We will kill you, punish you in many ways, if we catch you selling land or homes to Jews.”

The fatwa makes it clear that no Muslim is entitled to sell his or her land — or transfer ownership over it — to “enemies,” a reference to Jews. The implications are extremely serious. Anyone who violates this religious opinion or decree will face various forms of punishment, ranging from being boycotted to the death sentence.

The fatwa, which was published by the mufti on July 10, has attracted no attention from the international media or those parties that keep telling us how keen they are about achieving peace between Palestinians and Israel. Human rights organizations around the world do not seem to be bothered at all by such threats against Muslims.

According to the fatwa, it is considered a “betrayal of Allah, His Messenger and Islam” to sell land to the “enemies” or accept compensation for it. The Muslims, it states, are obligated to boycott anyone who violates the ruling, refrain from marrying the “sinners” or doing any business with them. Taking matters to their most extreme, Muslims are prohibited from attending the funeral of — or even burying in a Muslim cemetery — anyone who dares to sell land or a house to a Jew.

via Palestinians’ Latest “Apartheid Fatwa”

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