The titanic struggle to save the United Kingdom


No-one should be in the slightest doubt about the titanic struggle becoming more desperate by the day to defend British democracy and restore the UK as an independent self-governing nation.

An all-out attempt is being being made to frustrate the wish of the British people, expressed by 52 to 48 per cent in the 2016 referendum, to leave the EU.

Last night, after a day of drama and arm-twisting, Theresa May’s government narrowly escaped defeat over the EU Withdrawal Bill.

A number of amendments to the bill, which had been passed by the unelected House of Lords and were designed to tie the government’s hands in its negotiations with the EU, were returning to the Commons.

The most contentious amendment required the government to seek approval from parliament on the next steps to be taken if the Brussels talks remain deadlocked at the end of November or if the Commons rejects the terms of the deal.

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Prince William: an FCO hostage in a minefield


It was always a racing certainty that next week’s visit to the Middle East by Prince William, featuring the first official visit to Israel by a member of Britain’s Royal Family, would prove to be a diplomatic minefield.

It now turns out, however, that rather than playing the role of minesweeper-in-chief Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office has left one of its own landmines defiantly in place – and is guiding Prince William straight for it.

Prince William is to visit Jordan, Israel and the area controlled by the Palestinian Authority. That much has been known for some time, as has the ostensible aim of this visit to be “apolitical” and not take sides between Israel and the Arabs. Really?

The official itinerary for the royal visitor, published a few days ago by his office at Kensington Palace (but using briefing notes that will have been provided by the FCO) says that the last leg of his visit will be to the “Occupied Palestinian Territories”.

This deeply tendentious phrase is standard fare at the FCO. But what’s raised eyebrows is that the itinerary goes on to say, after HRH meets Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah and speaks at the UK consulate in east Jerusalem,

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Britain brings in 1,100 refugees from Syria in three months


More than 1,100 Syrian refugees were brought into Britain in the first three months of this year – without a Christian among them.

Despite the suffering of Christians during seven years of civil war – including persecution by Islamic State – all the arrivals were Muslims.

And of 4,832 Syrians invited to settle here last year, only 11 were Christian.

The Barnabas Fund charity, which obtained the figures under Freedom of Information laws, said: ‘It is widely accepted that Christians constituted up to 10 per cent of Syria’s pre-war population, have been specifically targeted by jihadists and continue to be at risk.

‘Yet out of more than 1,000 Syrian refugees resettled in the UK this year there was not a single Christian.

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The ‘Games’ Palestinian Children Play


We’re always being told that there is a significant difference between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. Supposedly, the PA is “moderate” while Hamas is “extremist.” But the PA’s public endorsement this week of the Gaza kite terrorists makes it clear that there is no meaningful difference between it and Hamas at all.

Here is the text of the statement by PA Government Spokesman Yusuf Al-Mahmoud, as published in the official PA daily newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida on July 22 and made available by the invaluable Palestinian Media Watch:

The occupation’s escalation, to which the Gaza Strip — which is under siege — has been witness in recent hours, constitutes part of the occupation government’s policy towards our residents and the heroic members of our people. … The occupation is striving to create equivalence in which there is a parallel between the newest and most lethal fighter jets and a children’s game such as kites used by peaceful protesters as one of the means of protest against the siege and the occupation.

Let’s take a careful look at the PA spokesman’s words, starting with the way he refers to Israel. Notice that he doesn’t say the word “Israel” at all. The Jewish state is “the occupation” or “the occupation government.” Al-Mahmoud is so consumed with hatred of Israel that he can’t even bring himself to utter its name.

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