What Hamas Really Desires

Beyond the Cusp

Hamas has been playing a very costly game of cat and mouse with ceasefires. Hamas fired between one-hundred-twenty to two-hundred rockets and or mortars into Israel leading up to their declaration of accepting the Egyptian offer for a ceasefire with Israel. As per their usual modus-operandi, Hamas instituted a dangerous assault of projectiles immediately before grabbing at a third party offered ceasefire. This has been what they have done before but this time they went a step further. The next day they informed Israel through whatever channels they use that it might take them as long as two weeks before they would be capable of calming the kite and balloon incendiary device launching protesters from continuing to launch these murderous and damaging devices. Thusfar these devices have caused over two-million dollars in crop losses as well as destruction of forests and wildlife preserves. There have even been cases of using…

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