Errors Cost Lives

The First Text Message 

Dear John, this is Alan next door. I am sorry buddy, but I have a confession to make to you. I’ve been riddled with guilt these past few months and have been trying to pluck up the courage to tell you to your face, but I am at least now telling you in text as I can’t live with myself a moment longer without you knowing. The truth is, I have been sharing your wife, day and night when you’re not around. In fact, probably more than you.

I haven’t been getting it at home recently, but that’s no excuse I know. The temptation was just too much. I can no longer live with the guilt and I hope you will accept my sincerest apologies and forgive me. I promise that it won’t happen again. Please come up with a fee for usage, and I’ll pay you.

Regards, Alan.

The Response

John, feeling insulted and betrayed, grabbed his gun, stomped next door and shot his neighbor dead.  He returned home, poured himself a stiff drink and went out into the garden for some fresh air.  He took out his phone where he saw he had a subsequent message from his neighbor.

The Second Text Message

Hi John,

This is Alan next door again. Sorry about the slight typo on my last text. I expect you worked it out anyway, but as I’m sure you noticed that my smart phone’s Autocorrect feature changed “Wi-If” to ˜Wife”.

Technology hey?? Hope you saw the funny side of that

What Hamas Really Desires

Beyond the Cusp

Hamas has been playing a very costly game of cat and mouse with ceasefires. Hamas fired between one-hundred-twenty to two-hundred rockets and or mortars into Israel leading up to their declaration of accepting the Egyptian offer for a ceasefire with Israel. As per their usual modus-operandi, Hamas instituted a dangerous assault of projectiles immediately before grabbing at a third party offered ceasefire. This has been what they have done before but this time they went a step further. The next day they informed Israel through whatever channels they use that it might take them as long as two weeks before they would be capable of calming the kite and balloon incendiary device launching protesters from continuing to launch these murderous and damaging devices. Thusfar these devices have caused over two-million dollars in crop losses as well as destruction of forests and wildlife preserves. There have even been cases of using…

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The UN Fraudulently Addresses “Extreme Poverty” in the United States


Is the United Nations a group of people of good faith, joining together in the effort to help bring peace and justice and economic development to the world? Or is it a group of haters of freedom and capitalism engaged primarily in spewing ignorance, malice or both toward the United States? For a clue, you might take a look at the “Report of the Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights on his mission to the United States of America,” recently issued by the UN’s so-called Human Rights Council.

Yes, this is the same Human Rights Council from which the U.S. just announced its withdrawal. It is also the same Human Rights Council that includes among its members China, Cuba, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela — with ambassadors who think that the best use of their time and resources is to criticize the economic and human rights record of the U.S.

The UN’s Report grew out of a two-week (December 1-15, 2017) “visit” to the United States by an Englishman, Philip Alston, designated the “Special Rapporteur.” After its issuance in May, the Report drew more attention than it might have otherwise because on June 12 it brought forth a letter to UN Ambassador Nikki Haley from a collection of Members of Congress, led by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, expressing supposed “deep concern” about the findings. This letter in turn provoked a sharp rebuke from Haley on June 21.

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Australia TV host under attack for calling to ban muslim immigration due to security reasons


“We never hear of terrorist attacks in Japan.” Sonia Kruger wants to ban people of Muslim faith from immigrating to Australia due to security reasons.
Liberals and leftists in the West use the made up term “Islamophobia” to portray anyone who criticizes Islam as a “racist”.
Radical Muslim terrorists all over the world carry out terror attacks “in the name of Allah”.
They justify their violence by quoting verses from the Quran.
Islamophobia is a made up word created by the Muslim Brotherhood specifically to silence debate.
It’s a buzzword used in an attempt to silence anyone, whenever had legit questions or criticisms about the religion.
Islam is not a race. It’s a religion.
There is an attempt in the West to impose a sharia-blasphemy law to criminalize criticism of Islam.

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“Jihad Allowance”: Views of Work in the Middle East


Recently, the President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, dismissed President Trump as just a “tradesman” who lacked the qualifications to handle political and international affairs. At face value, the criticism might sound similar to that of an opposition party alleging that Trump lacks political experience. Coming from an Islamic leader, however, it reflects a much deeper meaning: on how differently the Islamic culture views the work ethic and the means of acquiring wealth.

Although there are many Muslims who work tirelessly and are immensely successful, Islamic culture in general has little respect for manual labor and even for business owners. People who engage in legitimate “trade” for a living are often viewed with scorn or as “having” to labor for a living.

Historically, Islamic society has given the highest respect and wealth not to the innovators or hardest workers; rather, is usually been bestowed on the ruling class, their families and associates. After the ruling class, the highest respect and wealth is given to the jihadist class, or military leadership class.

According to the Koran and the example of Muhammad, the spoils of war (acquired wealth through jihad) is to be given to the jihadists. Jihadists need to be kept busy against the outside world at all times to expand or maintain the power of Islam. Otherwise, the jihadist or military class might turn against the leadership and Islamic system itself. Congress recently pulled more than $300 million a year from the Palestinian Authority that the US was paying in a “pay to slay” arrangement that incentivized murder — a “jobs program”.

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Watch: Brave Iranian man burns the Quran as an act of protest against the Islamic regime and the strict Sharia laws


Iranian man challenges the Iranian people to burn the Quran and post it on social networks as a protest against the cruel Islamic regime and strict Sharia laws in Iran.
“We should burn this book” he explains in the video.
This video has become viral on social media, many Muslims from Europe and America call this man an “Islamophobe”
People in the West do not know what it feels like to live under Sharia laws in Iran.
According to sharia law in Iran:
– There is no freedom of religion or freedom of speech.
– There is no equality between people (the non-Muslim is not equal to the Muslim).

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Watch: Iranian state TV guides child brides how to please their Muslim husbands


Iran state TV advising domestic abuse victims to ‘kiss their husbands’ feet’ to improve their marriage. In Iran when a husband beats his child bride it is the child’s fault. Under Sharia law in Iran a woman must obey her husband or deal with the consequences. This Iranian state TV expert explains how to make your husbend happy: This Farsi or Iranstani “Family counselor/Expert” on Iran’s state run TV has a suggestion for child brides on how to change and improve their marital relationships. That is especially if your husband is beating you or if he is does not work. she says : You (women) have to pick a day of in a week in which you bring a jar of water, put some rose petals and sea salt in it, or if you wan to to a magnificent job do it with milk and with that message his foot. Massaging his foot prevents heart attack and stroke, this expert says. After you finish the massage, dry his foot with a towel and kiss his foot, kiss it again and again to show obedience, she says. Then you will see how well he treats you.

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