The Cost of Appeasing the Rest of the World

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Israel pays a huge cost simply by appeasing the world and giving weight to their near constant whining, finger pointing and condemnations. This problem is especially framed by the United Nations as well as many of the separate agencies including but not limited to the Human Rights Council which starts their agenda every session with a condemnation of Israel, UNESCO which has gone to great lengths to dismiss the three thousand year history of the Jewish People in the Holy Lands and even UNICEF blaming Israel for the death of child stabbing terrorists in a study resulting from anti-Israel NGO’s whose report was taken at face value. Another area of loud protests at virtually any opportunity is the European Union and member nations including but not limited to France, Germany, Spain, Belgium and more. These denunciations have been raised against Israel despite the restraint used by…

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Brexit stirs debate about EU madness across Europe


The strange story of European understanding of Brexit continues. The Italian press quotes the British Minister for Brexit, Dominic Raab, that in the event of the two sides being unable to agree a trade deal, Britain would not be paying its leaving bill of around €40 billion.

In a sharp turnaround, arch remainer Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, has confirmed that in the event of no deal, EU countries would suffer more than Britain.

The BBC News, by contrast, said that Dominic Raab would not be able to withhold the money because it had already been promised. I am afraid the BBC is not on Britain’s side here. My only problem with Raab’s statement is that it is an announcement of the obvious. Of course we won’t pay.

Here in Italy, Roberto Moncalvo, the head of Coldiretti, the Farmers Union, has spoken in apocalyptic terms, simply of Britain leaving, not of the ‘no deal’ scenario. Italy is a similar sized country to Britain, yet has more than six times as many farms, each hungry for subsidy; Mr. Moncalvo is an important man.

The loss of Britain’s net contribution will mean cutbacks to subsidies and Italian farmers know it will hit them hard. The press here are warning that Britain could suffer shortages of peppers, aubergines, prosecco (disaster!) and such vital products.

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Watch: Pakistani migrant sits next to a Swedish woman and starts harassing her for no reason


Is this what multiculturalism looks like?
It happens all over the West. Free immigration policy is a disaster.
According to British media, London is now more dangerous than New York City. According to crime statistics, crime across the U.K. was up 13%, with much of it in London.
Rape, robbery, Acid attacks, honor killings and violent offenses have surged dramatically. Figures like these have risen in many European countries, with Sweden becoming “Europe’s rape capital,” Germany’s steep rise in violent and crimes, and Paris’s frequent terror attacks.

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UK Parliament: Little Interest in Grooming Gangs


In response to Britain’s ongoing sexual grooming scandal, a group of 20 MPs signed an open letter to recently appointed Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, urging coordinated action.

As the UK Parliament has 650 MPs, the 20 signatories constitute a mere 3% willing to support the protection of children subjected to gang-rape, trafficking and torture, and at times murder. Such a paltry number of politicians willing to speak out against child sexual slavery seems yet more evidence of the moral bankruptcy of Britain’s political elite and how low the country appears to have sunk.

Britain’s media elite have ignored the letter. Reporting has been limited to the local press in Oxford and Rochdale — areas afflicted by grooming — as well as a few alternative media outlets such as Breitbart London, and indirect reference on Sky News.

A key signatory of the letter, Rotherham MP Sarah Champion, whose constituency was made infamous by grooming, was forced from Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party front bench in 2017 for speaking openly about the prevalence of “British Pakistani men” in this type of child sexual exploitation. Given that Sajid Javid, then Communities Secretary, spoke in support of Champion, it is perhaps intentional that this letter was addressed to him in his new role as Britain’s first Muslim Home Secretary.

Javid’s Muslim faith and Pakistani heritage place him in an untouchable position regarding accusations of racism or bigotry, should he continue to address the uncomfortable ethnic and cultural realities of grooming. Prior to becoming Home Secretary he touched on these and could now continue to say what needs to be said and act effectively — in ways many other politicians could not — without being pilloried by the UK’s largely left-leaning media.

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Watch: Israel saved the world from Nuclear ISIS by destroying the North Korean nuclear reactor in Syria in 2007


Israel Air Force release video of destroying a Syrian/North Korean nuclear reactor in 2007
Israel did the right thing! Syria and Israel are countries at state of war. Syria wants to wipe Israel, Israel self defense by denying Syria the capability of executing their plans.
Assad have already killed 600,000 Syrian citizens.
By doing this Israel saved the world from nuclear ISIS.
The civilized world must stand with Israel in the war against radical Islamic terrorism.
Israel, like any other country, has a right to defend itself.

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