A Conversation with French Writer Renaud Camus

Jean Renaud Gabriel Camus, co-founder and President of the National Council of European Resistance, is a French writer known for having coined the phrase “Great replacement” — referring to the reported colonization of Western Europe by immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East.

Grégoire Canlorbe: “Replacement” is, you say, the ideology of the world superclass.[1] Do you see in Emmanuel Macron an agent of the “world superclass”?

Renaud Camus: Ah yes: the best. This is the man from Davos. Indeed, he sets in with great strides what I call the “Direct Davocracy,” the direct management of the human park by the banks, the stateless financiers, and the multinationals.

One only has to observe the systematic and hasty neutralization of the middle political stratum: the return to their homes of all the French political figures who have been in the spotlight for thirty years; a government of hangers-on; a parliamentary majority of dazed puppets; the constant reduction in the advantages of a political career…. one would not be able to enumerate all, this is never-ending. The state is being destroyed stone by stone for the benefit of major investors.

via A Conversation with French Writer Renaud Camus

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