Video from UK: Muslim says Western society superior to Sharia


I interview a Muslim who grew up in the UAE and who has been to Mecca, etc. He discusses the status of women under Sharia, the activities of the Islamic police, and more.

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St Paul’s Cathedral in Christian crackdown: Christians banned from reading bible out loud


CHRISTIANS have slammed St. Paul’s Cathedral after worshippers were banned from preaching the Bible outside its landmark Dome.

One man was arrested for reading out loud the Holy Book and another says he was asked to leave.

The holy men’s claims come just seven years after a Occupy London’s leftist rent-a-mob’s tent city, erected outside the cathedral, was indulged for four months.

Preacher Allan Coote, 55, was detained in March when he refused to stop reading the Bible outside St Paul’s, according to the Mail on Sunday.

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The Abuse of Egypt’s Coptic Christians


We have seen and recoiled from the horrific footage of Coptic Christians beheaded by ISIS in 2015 in Libya and the repeated bombings over the past two decades of Coptic churches in Egypt. We read about the Maspero massacre in 2011, when Egyptian military tanks, deployed to protect peaceful Christian demonstrators, instead rolled over them, crushing many to death. And we continue to receive reports of Coptic girls abducted, compelled to convert to Islam and forced into marriages with Muslims.

Each time there is news of another act of hate-filled violence against the Copts, or other religious minorities, we shudder. When there are attacks against Yazidis in the Fertile Crescent, the Baha’is in Iran and Christians and Ahmadis in Pakistan, we ask how Muslims can affirm these crimes against humanity perpetrated under the banner of Islam.

Apart from condemning the visible/demonstrable bigotry and violence — and from appealing to Western governments for assistance — Muslims opposed to Islamist extremism are at a loss about what needs to be done to hold the governments of Egypt and other Muslim-majority states accountable for their failure to protect their religious minorities from the sectarian violence that is regularly directed at them.

Here, regarding the Copts in Egypt, are a few preliminary observations that might serve as a proposal for how Muslims and non-Muslims, working together, might find a way out of this terrible situation and ensure their mutual survival and peaceful co-existence:

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Moroccan police to patrol Paris streets to tackle Muslim migrant gangs in no-go zones


An odd arrangement that bodes ill for the future:

Following an agreement between France and Morocco, several Moroccan police officers are scheduled to be sent to Paris to help deal with young delinquent migrants. A total of four officers from the North African country are set to patrol the Goutte d’Or neighbourhood of Paris — where many migrants live on the streets.

The Goutte d’Or neighborhood is reportedly a no-go-zone, and an area in which hundreds of Muslims have defied a ban against street prayer. Another sobering fact: “Morocco’s police sector is rife with corruption and impunity, and this has resulted in limited police effectiveness and respect of the rule of law.”

As Paris continues to struggle with Muslim no-go zones, it is disquieting that the French authorities would employ the aid of Moroccan police. This once again sends the message that the city’s authorities have lost control. As the Telegraph reported in 2016 from “inside the French Muslim no-go zones where women aren’t welcome”: “This isn’t Paris. It’s only men here.” So it is no surprise that in Goutte d’Or neighbourhood:

A female resident had complained of harassment from the young Moroccans saying that her 15-year-old daughter had been targeted and assaulted by members of a migrant street gang….Other women in the north of the city have made similar claims about being harassed by migrants.

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