Ultimate Sanction

A man decided to spend the night with a prostitute.

When it was over she told him to pay $500. He said he’d send it to her in an envelope marked “Rent for Apartment.”

The next day, however, he regretted that he spent the night with her and sent only $250. When she wrote him a letter asking why he didn’t pay full price, he wrote her a memo saying:

“Dear lady, I am including a check for $250 for your rent. I am not sending you the sum we previously agreed on, as before I rented the apartment I was given the impression that:

1. The apartment had not been used before.

2. It had adequate heating.

3. It was small enough for me to feel comfortable in it.

Instead, I found the apartment had been used many times before, had no heating and was too big for me!”

Quite pleased with himself, he sends the letter.

A few days later the prostitute responds in her own letter, saying the following:

“Dear Sir,

1. You should have known such a beautiful apartment had been rented before.

2. The apartment did have adequate heating. You just didn’t know how to turn it on.

3. The apartment was the perfect size. You just didn’t have large enough furniture to fill it.

You are hereby asked to pay the rent in full or I will be forced to contact your current landlady!”

The Only Workable Path to Peace in Israel

Beyond the Cusp

Forces are finally coming around and realizing that the paradigm of “Land for Peace” has failed utterly because the Arab World refuses to accept a Jewish State in the Middle East no matter the size. The time for Israel concessions in any form should be beyond debate and relegated as a dead horse who has been kicked enough to prove its death and is actually putrefying. Israel need adopt the adage used by the American Revolutionaries of “Live Free or Die,” and adopt the position that Israel will not die. The means of this outlook should begin with the wiping of Hamas and Islamic Jihad from Gaza, the removal of the Arab population and the complete rebuilding of Gaza into the haven the Arabs should have built but refused choosing instead to make war on Israel. Should they then attack Israel from the Sinai Peninsula, the Israeli government should impress…

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British PM, opposition leader and police officers practicing Islam to show respect to the Muslim community


Britain turns its back on its own culture to embrace “multiculturalism”.
Theresa May wore a veil during a mosque visit in London during Ramadan to show respect and embrace Islam in the United Kingdom.
She also posted 2 videos on social media to greet Muslims at the beginning and at the end of Ramadan.
Jeremy Corbyn took a trip into a mosque during Ramadan to break the Ramadan fast with Muslims.
He also posted 2 videos on social media to embrace and glorify Islam in the UK at the end and beginning of Ramadan.
Non-Muslim Police officers throughout the United Kingdom visited mosques during Ramadan, some even took part in 18-hour Ramadan fast.

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Germany: Migration Deal Keeps Merkel in Power, For Now


In an extraordinary last-minute reversal, Chancellor Angela Merkel, facing the imminent collapse of her coalition government, agreed late on July 2 to reinstate border controls with Austria.

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer had threatened to resign from Merkel’s cabinet unless she agreed to a plan by July 3 to reduce so-called irregular secondary movements. The plan to which Merkel agreed entails holding refugees at detention camps to be established along Germany’s southern border, the main gateway for refugees to the country, and turning back those who have already claimed asylum in other EU countries.

Seehofer’s resignation would have called into question the continued viability of a 70-year-alliance between Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and his Bavarian sister party, the Christian Social Union (CSU). Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble warned that the two parties were “standing at the edge of the abyss.”

A CDU/CSU divorce would have deprived Merkel of her majority in parliament and possibly triggered new elections in which the anti-immigration party, Alternative for Germany (AfD), would have been the biggest winner, according to recent polls.

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