So You Claim Lands Beyond the Green Line are Occupied by Israel?

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We could go through the technicalities of standing International Law where the original Mandate under the British set the eastern border for Israel as the Jordan River and set aside Jordan, a total of 78% of the Mandate Lands for the Palestinian Arab state and 80% of the Jordanian population consider themselves to be Palestinians. We could note the San Remo Conference which set aside all of the British Mandate for the Jewish State which the British reneged upon. We could go to the Oslo Accords which everyone claims states that all the lands belong to the Arabs, a lie, where the area of the Shomron (West Bank) was divided into three sections where Areas A and B were under Arab civilian rule and Area C was granted to Israel. All of the Israelis residing beyond the Green Line in the Shomron reside in Area C which contains a mereā€¦

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