The Sad State of Assimilated Jewry

Beyond the Cusp

One of the saddest things about assimilated Jewry is that if you ask them, they will tell you that they are the heart of modern Jewish life. Their claim to fame is their calling card phrase, Tikkun Olam, repairing the world. They will be able to list for you a complete litany of causes and programs with which they are affiliated. These leftist causes define their Judaism instead of Judaism defining the causes with which they affiliate. They can tell you how being a Jew means that you are to reach out to every slighted group and needful cause and that looking outward for things which require repair, by your definition of the world and how it is supposed to exist. Their Judaism is supporting every cause where there exists the claim of oppression or of being downtrodden. Theirs is the rush to support every sob story without ever giving…

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