Why Democracies Should Support Tough U.S. Iran Policy

President Donald Trump’s May 8 announcement that the United States was withdrawing from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and considering fresh sanctions on Iran is a step in the right direction toward defending the country against Iran’s growing nuclear-weapons program and open aim to destroy both Israel and America.

In addition, last week came to light in testimony by the founder and president of the Institute for Science and International Security, David Albright, that Iran had:

“… blueprints for the production of all the components of nuclear weapons, the location of planned nuclear weapons test sites, [and] details about a second building at the Parchin site involved in high explosive work related to nuclear weapons in an explosive chamber. This building has not been visited by the IAEA… [There was also] direct evidence that the secret Fordow enrichment site was being built to make weapon-grade uranium.”

Three years ago, the Obama administration was boasting that the JCPOA agreement, reached on July 15, 2015 between Iran and the P5+1 countries (the U.S., the U.K., France, Russia, China and Germany) — but without Iran ever having signed anything — would “prevent” Iran from acquiring a deliverable nuclear bomb — despite such assurances being set to expire in just a few years.

In return for a lifting of international sanctions, the White House promised, Iran would cease various nuclear activities — something that would be verified by regular outside inspections.

This claim was false. In fact, what the deal actually did was to allow Tehran to conduct its own inspections of Parchin, a military site that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) itself believed had been engaged in the development of nuclear weapons, certainly up until 2003.

By the time the Obama administration, without Congressional approval, signed the JCPOA, Tehran’s nuclear-weapons program was fairly advanced. Tehran had already mastered its uranium-enrichment technology and was in a position to produce a nuclear bomb within three months. The JCPOA, however, overlooked Iran’s nuclear-capable, missile-development program.

via Why Democracies Should Support Tough U.S. Iran Policy

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