Eventual Consequence of World Coverage on Israel

Beyond the Cusp

The mainstream media coverage of Israel from around the world is basically appalling. The recent rioting and violence out of Gaza covered as mild mannered peaceful protesters where protesting families hold picnics until the IDF started shooting people. The initial reports said nothing about the burning of ten-thousand tires to mask attempts to breach the border, machete wielding men attempting to chop passage through the border fence, kites with incendiary devices sent burning thousands of dumas including fruit bearing trees which will take more than a decade before they provide fruit, balloons with larger incendiary devices struck deeper into Israel hitting communities, rockets launched with some striking kindergartens and snipers crawling up to the border, some with youths used as shields, shooting at civilians and IDF soldiers. These reports have a very strange definition of peaceful. By this definition, what happened in Charlottesville in August of 2017 was merely a…

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