Democrats Offer Rehash of Same Old Song

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Rereleasing old songs, as if they were new, works well in Hollywood as we always hope the remake of an old favorite movie will offer more pizzazz and though some do, most just let us down and we leave the theater feeling hollow. The music industry does the same thing with old songs, often over and over, and still the original is often the one we prefer best. But at least Hollywood and the music industry choose successful movies and songs to try to modernize, and still they usually fail the test of time. The Democrat Party is trotting out their oldest theme which has worked by lulling the people with stories of getting everything for free and never having to pay. The electorate soon realizes that there is no free lunch and somebody has to pay. The sad reality is that often the people who were promised that everything…

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Sisters in Hate: Sarsour and Billoo Team Up in Fundraiser


Two of the American Muslim community’s most notable anti-Semites recently teamed up for an online fundraiser benefiting the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) San Francisco chapter and a group called MPower Change.

Despite claiming to be advocates for the Palestinian cause, Sarsour and Billoo stake out extreme positions on Israel, those who support it, and even their own allies who engage in dialogue with pro-Zionist people.

The CAIR chapter is run by Zahra Billoo, who has defended Hamas rocket attacks against Israel and whose chapter’s website posted a graphic telling Muslims to build a “wall of resistance” to the FBI.

MPower Change co-founder Linda Sarsour famously tweeted “nothing is creepier than Zionism,” the idea of a homeland for Jews.

They are listed as co-sponsors of last month’s “#StandWithMuslims to Declare #NoMuslimBanEver” fundraiser that launched the day the U.S. Supreme Court upheld President Trump’s travel ban.

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Does the new Nation State Law prove Israel is undemocratic and discriminates against Arabs?



The Nation State Law proves Israel is undemocratic and discriminates against Arabs.

On July 19, 2018, Israel adopted a new Basic Law: Israel – The Nation State of the Jewish People. The law provoked controversy inside and outside of Israel. After the vote, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said:
This is a defining moment in the annals of Zionism and in the history of the State of Israel. Today, 122 years after [Theodor] Herzl shared his vision, we have established into law the basic principles of our existence. “Israel” is the nation-state of the Jewish people. A nation state that respects the individual rights of all its citizens and, in the Middle East, only Israel respects these rights. This is our state, the state of the Jews. In recent years there have been some who have attempted to cast doubt on this, and so to undercut the foundations of our existence and our rights. Today we etched in the stone of law: This is our state, this is our language, this is our anthem, and this is our flag (extracted from multiple news sources with slightly different translations).

As Netanyahu said, this law codifies Israel’s status as the “national home of the Jewish people.” The law also declares Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, sets the Hebrew calendar as the state’s official calendar and confirms Shabbat and Jewish holidays as official days of rest while allowing non-Jews to determine their own rest days and holidays. It recognizes the current national flag as the official one, the menorah as the state’s symbol and Hatikvah as the national anthem. It also states that Israel will endeavor to ensure the safety of all Jews and “preserve the cultural, historical and religious legacy of the Jewish people among the Jewish diaspora.”

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Mass Migration: “The Fatal Solvent of the EU”


“Far from leading to fusion, Europe’s migration crisis is leading to fission”, Stanford’s historian Niall Ferguson recently wrote. “Increasingly, I believe that the issue of migration will be seen by future historians as the fatal solvent of the EU”. Week after week, Mr. Ferguson’s prediction seems to be turning into a reality.

Not only does Europe continue to fragment as anti-immigration sentiment gathers political strength, but, as a result of the migrant crisis, the EU’s border-free internal zone, Europe’s most cherished prize after the Second World War, is now defined as “at risk” by the Italian government, among other governments, such and Austria.

Immigration is also redefining the intra-EU contract.

The Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, the so called “Visegrad Group”, recently called for EU border defense. “We have to have a Europe capable of defending us”, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said as well, after he was invited to join the Visegrad meeting.

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Palestinians’ Latest “Apartheid Fatwa”


If anyone wanted further proof that no Palestinian leader would ever be able to recognize Israel’s right to exist, it was provided recently in the form of yet another religious decree, or fatwa, issued by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Mohammed Hussein. It is a fatwa that basically tells Muslims: “We will kill you, punish you in many ways, if we catch you selling land or homes to Jews.”

The fatwa makes it clear that no Muslim is entitled to sell his or her land — or transfer ownership over it — to “enemies,” a reference to Jews. The implications are extremely serious. Anyone who violates this religious opinion or decree will face various forms of punishment, ranging from being boycotted to the death sentence.

The fatwa, which was published by the mufti on July 10, has attracted no attention from the international media or those parties that keep telling us how keen they are about achieving peace between Palestinians and Israel. Human rights organizations around the world do not seem to be bothered at all by such threats against Muslims.

According to the fatwa, it is considered a “betrayal of Allah, His Messenger and Islam” to sell land to the “enemies” or accept compensation for it. The Muslims, it states, are obligated to boycott anyone who violates the ruling, refrain from marrying the “sinners” or doing any business with them. Taking matters to their most extreme, Muslims are prohibited from attending the funeral of — or even burying in a Muslim cemetery — anyone who dares to sell land or a house to a Jew.

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Iran stones women, hangs gays and executes rape victims – EU welcomes Sharia laws


The European Union does the unthinkable and sides with Iran against the United States and Israel.
EU gambit to use European Investment Bank funds to shore up Iran deal.
The nuclear deal allows Iran to develop nuclear weapons in less than 7 years from now.
What part of “Death to America, Death to Israel, Death to England” the EU does not understand?
The EU is trying to save the terrible nuclear deal with Iran, all for the sake of money.
Iran has the worst human rights record in the world. Iran executes more people per year than China and Saudi Arabia.
Women are stoned to death for false charges of adultery. Gays and rape victims are regularly executed.
But the EU does not care, Thanks to EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini who shares with Iran the same hatred of America and Israel.

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