The Sunday Times’ Poster Boys for Slanderism and Sharia-Complaint “Reporting” Blame Pamela Geller For Rise of Tommy Robinson

The Times thrashers who penned this comic attempt at journalism desperately try to assign even the most ludicrous of explanations to Tommy Robinson’s popular appeal to the voiceless. They blame me for his rise. According to the Sunday Times, it was my invitation to Tommy to the Freedom Congress I organized on September 11, 2012 that is responsible for his following among American Conservatives. Not to put to fine a point on it, but I should mention that while we were holding our conference, our embassies in Benghazi and Cairo were being attacked by devout Muslims. But of course that is of no import according to the Times.

Another security wall around the Eiffel Tower and I am the villain.

While I am honored that the Times gives me so much credit, their attributing Tommy Robinson’s popularity to me is ludicrous. They should get out of their luxuriously-appointed offices and take a walk around London, and see what is happening to their own country, thanks to Theresa May and her cohorts. They should look into the Muslim rape gangs and the massive coverup of their activity by British officials who were too afraid to be accused of “racism” and “islamofauxbia” to do anything to save their nation’s girls from these predators. They should recall the numerous jihad attacks and plots that have been perpetrated by Muslims in Britain. They should do some soul-searching and admit how they’ve skewed their coverage for years to cover up Muslim rape gang activity and jihad terror activity. They should look into how the British government has sold out the British people in favor of Muslim migrants. Then they might start to get an inkling of why Tommy Robinson is popular.

via The Sunday Times’ Poster Boys for Slanderism and Sharia-Complaint “Reporting” Blame Pamela Geller For Rise of Tommy Robinson

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