Anne Marie Waters vs. the Thought Police

The British warrior for freedom and founder of the new For Britain Party, Anne Marie Waters, has written an account of her move away from the left and her work defending human rights in Britain: Beyond Terror: Islam’s Slow Erosion of Western Democracy. But one thing is clear throughout this eye-opening and essential book: even though Waters departed from the left, the left never left her. This is a book about the threat to Britain and the free world from Islamic jihad and sharia, but it is also just as much about how the left’s hatred, authoritarianism, and cultural hegemony is strangling Britain from within, and leading to its very demise as a free nation.

Beyond Terror shows the poison fruit of the left’s long march through the institutions, which it began in the 1960s. Steadily, step by step, they took over the academic institutions, the educational system, the mainstream media, the entertainment industry, and more. They got footholds and pried open the doors, hiring only their friends and allies, until they had total control. They never broke ranks, never gave in to infighting. This was true in Britain as much as it was in the United States. So when Waters took up the fight to defend women’s rights against the oppressive misogyny of the sharia, she again and again encountered an implacable obstacle: the left.

This is also a book about how cowardly and pusillanimous the right is. While the left stands shoulder to shoulder with their soldiers, no matter what their crime, the right abandons their allies at the slightest whiff of trouble. The left circles the wagons. The right sets up a circular firing squad. Waters tells the grim story of how, after she joined the UK Independence Party (UKIP) and ultimately ran for its leadership, she was denounced and betrayed by key UKIP leaders, including its founding figure, Nigel Farage of Brexit fame. They denounced her, of course, because she stood against Islam and sharia, and in Britain today, it takes a rare courage to do that. Even these staunchly nationalist Brexit campaigners didn’t have that courage.

via Anne Marie Waters vs. the Thought Police

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