20,000 People Come Out for Tommy Robinson at London’s Whitehall

The BBC never got there until the end of the day’s events, apparently, when a handful of incredibly drunken attendees decided to block off the traffic at Trafalgar Square. Riot vans surrounded them, drunken fans cheered them on, as the drunken protesters sometimes hurled bottles of beer and expletives at the police. These are the only British mainstream media pictures I’ve seen of the event. The headlines scream that some arrests were made and that five police officers had been injured, and that the white, racist, EDL had descended. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

I’ve seen this type of thing before in London with the left and Antifa, where they’ve blocked off the traffic, have been given a dispersal notice from the police, gone over their time limit, and therefore the police have had to act in a unit to remove them. The same thing happened yesterday, with the exception being that Antifa are heralded by the press as being just and righteous, with any accompanying photographs portraying their violence as self-defense or else as being the only answer to a non-existent racism. Yesterday, Tommy’s supporters were allowed to sit on the road for a certain duration before the police officers had to start their formation tactics of kettling other people into particular areas in order that the arresting officers would be met with as little violence as possible from the surrounding crowds and protesters.

via 20,000 People Come Out for Tommy Robinson at London’s Whitehall

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