Canada: A “Different” Kind of Antisemitism?

In Berlin, on evening of the May 17, 2018, two men wearing Jewish skull caps were attacked by three Arabic speaking men, who repeatedly cursed at them and called them “yahudi,” Jew, in Arabic. One of the Arabs knifed one of the men, Adam Armoush, with his belt. The attack was recorded, and the video widely seen.

Ironically, Adam is not a Jew. He is an Israeli Arab, who was wearing the skull cap to test whether it was unsafe to show oneself as a Jew in Berlin. He was skeptical; he has now reconsidered.

One of the assailants, a 19 year old refugee, claiming he was from Syria, later turned himself into the police.

In response to the attack, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that she was saddened, and that it was depressing that antisemitism had not been destroyed for good in Germany. There were, in fact, more than 1,000 antisemitic incidents in Berlin last year alone. Merkel pointed out that, in addition to some traditional German antisemitism remaining, “We have a new phenomenon of refugees or people of Arab origin who bring another form of anti-Semitism into the country.”

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Hamas founder says he is willing to send his mother & daughters to a suicide mission

WHOOPS! Hamas Terror Leader Admits the Truth and DESTROYS Liberal Media Narrative.
Hamas leader admits he “sacrificed the bodies of our women and children” to “force the whole world to split its TV screen” at the US embassy opening.
The media played right into Hamas’ hands. Palestinian lives were lost to create a media spectacle.
The media is lying to us – CNN, BBC, MSNBC & ABC report on “Gaza’s massacre” when in fact IDF saved the lives of thousands Israelis on the Israeli side of the border.
Trust in the media is at an all-time low, and it should be.

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