The weekend bombing of the Syrian chemical facilities

So what did the weekend bombing of three chemical weapons facilities inside Syria achieve?

Well, if what we are being told is true, it knocked out three Syrian chemical weapons facilities. That’s good. This may have set back, maybe seriously, Syria’s capacity to use chemical weapons.That’s good, maybe very good.

So is that good enough? No way.

Let’s ask a different question. What was the strategic aim of the weekend’s bombing raid? According to our three motivated musketeers, Trump, Macron and May, it was to deliver the message that the red line against using chemical weapons will be enforced, that there will always be a heavy penalty for using them and that if Assad uses them again he will get hit again.

That is the wrong strategic aim. The principal threat against the free world is not that Assad has and uses chemical weapons, terrible as those are. It is not even that Assad remains in power; he’s barbaric, yes, but then other than the Kurds so are many of those ranged against him who are even more hostile to the free world than is Assad.

The real threat is that Iran and Russia are out of control and gaining power all the time, in Syria and elsewhere. This is putting the region and the free world at ever greater risk from jihadi terror, the attempt to commit genocide against Israel and malevolent and subversive meddling in cyberspace and social media aimed to cause maximum chaos, disruption and demoralising dissension throughout the west.

via The weekend bombing of the Syrian chemical facilities

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