Tommy Robinson and 1984

The year is 2018, but we might as well be living in 1984. For anyone not familiar with George Orwell’s book, he predicted a time when words would lose their meaning, and media outlets would deliberately feed us lies and distort truths in order to subdue the masses, brainwash us, and attempt to turn people against one another.

He was right about the lies and the double-speak:

Islam is a religion of peace.
Terrorists are perverting a beautiful religion.

And the media:

The biggest threat our country faces is from white far-right extremists.
Islamic terrorist attacks are carried out by lone wolves.
The majority of the communities are unaware of the rape gangs.
The killers were not real Muslims.

In George Orwell’s 1984, there are cameras everywhere. In his book, while you are watching TV, the TV is also watching you. This is true of our computing systems. The cameras on our monitors are able to be accessed in order to watch us in our rooms. Our locations can be traced via our electronic devices, also. There’s no hiding in today’s age of surveillance.

Then there are the morality police, who go after people for stepping out of line, or for writing and saying the wrong things, and for criticizing the wrong people. Examples of today’s thought police would be Hope Not Hate and Tell Mama. Their scouts scour Speakers’ Corner with cameras, taking pictures of people and sending them through facial recognition devices to find out who they are and what they’ve been up to in their lives. The scouts turn up at any and all alleged right-wing events with their cameras, again looking for new faces, collecting and collating and keeping data on people. Their lackeys spend hours on social media platforms looking for someone who is saying something that they perceive to be inflammatory. The lackeys create fake profiles and try to befriend people online in order to access their friends’ lists and private photographs, their location and places of employment. They do this so that they can then write hit pieces on those of us whom they believe are guilty of wrongthink. We’re not supposed to have an opinion that differs from the narrative that the left and the government are feeding us. If we do, then they view us as a danger, and we must be silenced.

via Tommy Robinson and 1984

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