Not Everything They Seem

A Mexican teen came up to the Mexican border riding his bicycle and carrying two large bags on his shoulders. The border patrol officer stopped him and said, “What’s in the bags?”
“Sand,” he answered.
The officer said, “We’ll just see about that.” 

He took the bags and tore them apart. He emptied them out but found nothing in them except sand. He detained the teen overnight and had the sand analyzed, only to discover that there was nothing but pure sand in the bags. The guard released him, put the sand into new bags, hefted them onto the lad’s shoulders, and let him cross the border.

A day later, the same thing happened. The officer asked, “What have you got?”

“Sand,” said the youngster.

The officer did a thorough examination and discovered that the bags contained nothing but sand. He gave the sand back to him, and the young man crossed the border on his bicycle.

This sequence of events was repeated every day for three years. One day, the teen didn’t show. Days passed and the officer never saw him. A month later, a messenger came and handed the officer an invitation for a house warming.

When he got to the address, he saw it was a large villa with a pool, and many guests celebrating. Inside he found the teen, holding a glass of wine and enjoying his teen guests.
“Hey, Buddy,” said the officer. “It’s driving me crazy. How are you so rich when all you were carrying across the border was sand? Just between you and me, what were you smuggling?”
The youngster flashed a smile and said: “Bicycles.”
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