Pompeo and Iran Faceoff

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Pompeo is the new United States Secretary of State and he made a grand and flamboyant entrance. Apparently, President Trump finally got exactly what he desired at the State Department, someone who understands he works for the President and not in competition with the President when it comes to foreign policy. Pompeo understands he is there in order to advise and explain the implications, the intricacies, the consequences, the repercussions, the potential reactions of allies and adversaries plus, when requested, his opinion tempered by his years with the CIA. Pompeo has now stepped out with the suggestions for Iran to follow if they wish to be welcomed into the family of nations, or at least avoid sanctions from the United States. So, we guess that the best idea now is to produce the dozen demands from President Trump as outlined by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

1. Iran must declare…

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Is France Really an Ally of the United States?

During his recent State visit in Washington, French President Emmanuel Macron spoke of the “long friendship” between France and the United States, and tried to present himself as a reliable ally. His statements, essentially empty words, should be taken with extreme caution.

Today in France, repeated strikes in the public transportation systems degrade economic activity and create an atmosphere of permanent unrest. Riots are frequent and every protest now ends with dozens of cars burned and many shops ransacked. Terrorist attacks continue to take place: 250 people killed in the last six years, more than in any other European country. No-go zones are growing rapidly in the suburbs of all main cities. Shanty towns built by illegal migrants from Africa and the Middle East have sprung up in parts of Marseilles and Paris in the last few years. Islamization is everywhere. In hundreds of mosques, imams delivery fiery anti-Western speeches. Churches are vandalized. The number of rapes is rapidly increasing. Groups of veiled women roam the streets and insult the “immodest”, unveiled, women. Jews by the thousand hide or flee the country.

The government appears to have lost all hope of restoring order; it limits itself to trying to avoid the worst, without even being sure it can. A climate of creeping submission holds sway.

The corrosion that eats away at the country is never identified and, unhindered, continues its devastation.

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Turkey in Syria: Ruling Kurdish Afrin by Sharia Law, Ethnic Cleansing

After little more than a month since capturing the Kurdish city of Afrin in northwestern Syria, the Turkish government and its jihadist allies are discussing plans to rule the city by Islamic sharia law.

A meeting recently took place between Turkish authorities and rebel leaders of the al-Rahman Legion to decide how to build an Islamic police force, sharia courts and other religious centers.

Al-Rahman Legion is one of the largest Islamist rebel groups that was in control of the eastern Ghouta, the last rebel-held area in Damascus. The group was recently expelled from the area after a Turkish- and Russian-brokered deal between the Syrian regime and groups rebelling against it, such as Al-Rahman. It has since resettled in the city of Afrin, along with hundreds of families from the Damascus suburban area.

Since 2012, Afrin had been run by the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), a U.S.-backed group that had a secular system of governance which rejected political Islam and promoted relatively liberal ideals.

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Trump must cut all US aid to Palestinians after PA President justified the Holocaust

Anti-Semitic Muslim President of the Palestinian Authority justified the Holocaust and blamed the Jews “Jewish behavior, not anti-Semitism, caused Holocaust”.
PA President regurgitates anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in ‘history lesson’ denying the Jewish people’s right to exist.

The remarks have been strongly condemned in Israel and the United States.
The US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman described the remarks as a “new low”.
“To all those who think Israel is the reason that we don’t have peace, think again.”
Trump’s special envoy to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, Jason Greenblatt, said the comments should be “unconditionally condemned by all”.
Canada, Australia, Britain, and the United States must cut all foreign aid to the Muslims who call themselves Palestinians.
Every year Billions of dollars of American, Canadian, British and Australian taxpayers’ money go to the Palestinian Authority.

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