Turkey’s Elections: But Who Counts the Votes?

On Apr. 16, 2017 Turks voted to give away their democracy when 51.4% of them endorsed constitutional amendments that made President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan head of state and head of the ruling party — all at the same time.

Before the referendum, Erdoğan’s powerful state apparatus systematically silenced the “No” campaign and its supporters while the “Yes” campaign enjoyed all possible government support, instrumentalized by means of public resources. The Turks went to the ballot box under a state of emergency – declared after a failed coup in July 2016. The co-leaders of a pro-Kurdish party who campaigned for ‘No’ had been imprisoned since November 2016 on charges of links with terror groups. In the 15 months leading up to the referendum the police had used violence to stop 264 peaceful demonstrations in favor of the ‘No’ campaign.

The witch-hunt included 47,155 people in jail, including 150 journalists; 113,260 under detention; and 135,000 people purged from government service. Jailed officials included 10,732 police officers, 168 military generals, 7,463 military officers, 2,575 judges and prosecutors and 208 governors and other public administrators.

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Eastern European countries deport all Muslim immigrants and refugees for security reasons

Eastern European countries Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia called EU quotas on migrant distribution unhelpful for unacceptable.
Just look at the immigration crisis in Europe, millions of immigrants from all over Asia, Africa and the Middle East used the war in Syria to invade Europe as “refugees.”
Have you ever wondered why there are no terrorist attacks in Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary?
These are the only countries that refuse to adopt the EU’s free immigration policy.
Every country has the right to defend itself and to control its borders.
Every sovereign state has the right to determine who can or can not enter and cross the borders.

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Iran Targets the Gulf

More than 7,000 miles from Washington and far from America’s headlines, a war in Yemen is rewriting America’s strategy against Iran and terrorism.

The three-sided civil war pits two radical Islamist forces — Al-Qaeda’s largest surviving army and Iran’s biggest proxy force — against each other and six of America’s Arab allies. U.S. Special forces carry out covert raids and CIA drones rain down missiles on terror leaders.

The outcome of the Yemen war matters: U.S. forces are fighting there and a new strategy against terrorism is now being tested in the Middle East’s poorest nation.

Since Britain’s Royal Marines marched out of their Aden Protectorate in November 1967, Yemenis have killed each other over nearly every international ideology: colonialism, communism, and radical Islamism. Add in the tribal rivalries and the religious divides between competing versions of Sunni and Shia Islam — and the stage is set for perpetual war. Indeed, Yemen, in every decade since the 1960s, saw bombings, bloodshed and barbarism.

Iran has also seemingly been trying to form a “Shi’ite Crescent” across the Middle East, through Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon to the Mediterranean.

According to nearly half a million computer files released by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency late last year, captured from Osama bin Laden’s compound, Iran had also offered “support to al-Qaeda in exchange for targeting the Gulf.”

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UNFAIR TRIAL: Judge Admits Tommy Robinson Sentenced Without Due Process

THE JUDGE who jailed Tommy Robinson for 13 months admitted he watched little of Robinson’s Facebook live stream that was used as evidence that Robinson was in “contempt of court.”

According to Robinson’s producer Caolan Robertson, who was in court during Robinson’s sentencing, Judge Geoffrey Marson QC admitted that he barely watched Robinson’s livestream, despite it being the reason he was arrested.

“The number one most significant thing that actually caused a little bit of a gasp in the courtroom from a couple members of the press was when the judge actually admitted that he hadn’t watched the full livestream of Tommy talking,” Robertson said on the Alex Jones Show on Tuesday. “He only watched a very, very brief moment of it before he made up his mind [to imprison Tommy.]”

In contrast, during the arrest, the police told Robinson he was “creating a breach of peace” based on “the content of what you’re streaming:”

In other words, the content the judge never bothered to watch.

It seems that Judge Marson didn’t base his decision to imprison Robinson exclusively on the evidence presented.

Additionally, Robinson and his film crew were reporting outside the courthouse where the Muslim grooming trial was almost over, and, according to Robertson, they were careful to only report on facts of the case which were already public given that Robinson was previously accused of committing contempt last year.

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Russia Brokers Deal Keeping Iran Out of Region Bordering With Israel

Russia is doubling-down on its demand that non-Syrian forces step back from the border with Israel.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov addressed the situation in Syria on Tuesday at the international Primakov Readings Forum, an international think-tank annual summit held in Moscow. TASS Russian news agency reported his statements.

“We have well-known agreements concerning the southwestern de-escalation zone,” he said. “Those agreements were concluded by Russia, the United States, and Jordan.”

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