Integrating Islam or Islamizing Integration?

If polls are to be trusted, one of the next countries most likely to follow Britain’s lead and exit the European Union is the Czech Republic. In 2016, after the Brexit referendum, a mere 25% of the Czech public said it was satisfied with membership in the EU. There are three main reasons for this dissatisfaction.

The first is the unsustainable long-term political and economic functioning of the current system, as described, among others, by the economist Petr Kostka:

“Europe is now crippled by the systemic crisis of two dominant post-war political projects. Social democratic interventionism — resulting in deformed markets, illusory values of assets and the indebted welfare state — and the European Union project, opportunistically not respecting its own rules and withdrawn by the eurozone monetary structure, which has been struck by a structural defect since its inception. So a heterogeneous environment like the old continent cannot be tied to a single currency.”

During the presidential campaign in January 2018, which resulted in the reelection of Czech President Miloš Zeman, a euro-federalist, he explained that although he supports the euro, he does not want the Czech taxpayer to pay Greek debts. “It is the duty of “every [Czech] president to defend Czech national interests,” he added.

via Integrating Islam or Islamizing Integration?

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