The UK’s legal system has created very specific conditions around Tommy Robinson to silence him

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2 thoughts on “The UK’s legal system has created very specific conditions around Tommy Robinson to silence him

  1. The British ought to declare an open revolt against their government. Not sure how far it will go because like everyone else drunk with political correctness and pro-diversity ideology, they have up their guns. Even worse, Muslim invaders whom they open the doors to, I am confident, will do the government’s dirty work.

    With all that said before my first cup of coffee this morning, I do not believe that the citizens have the stones to stand up for Tommy Robinson or their children, wives, mothers, sisters, nieces, granddaughters, etc.

    • Many of the British (and other European) people are completely oblivious to the problems facing us and, led by biased BBC and other media outlets, the Liberal politically corrects, far from standing up for the likes of Tommy, even have contempt for him and his kind. Who would have believed this!

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