Palestinians: The Real Gaza Blockade

The weekly demonstrations along the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel, which are scheduled to enter their sixth week this Friday, will undoubtedly continue to attract the attention of the international community and media.

Meanwhile, no one will pay attention to what is happening on the Gaza Strip’s other border with Egypt, which has been closed for most of the past 10 years.

The demonstrations near the border with Israel are being organized by Hamas and other Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip as part of the “March of Return” — a six-week campaign of protests that is expected to reach its peak on “Nakba Day” (“The Day of Catastrophe”), the term used by Palestinians to describe the creation of the State of Israel in 1948.

The Arab countries at the time opposed the creation of a homeland for the Jewish people and sent their armies to attack Israel, but lost — a result that should probably be taken into consideration before one attacks. Since then, the Palestinians and Arabs have been commemorating their loss by holding anti-Israel protests and voicing their refusal to recognize Israel’s right to exist.

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Israel to Issue Its Own Report on Gaza Riots, Won’t Collaborate With United Nations Human Rights Council

Israel will not collaborate with the United Nations Human Rights Council on an investigation into the recent riots on the Gaza border. Instead, it will issue its own report on the events, Hebrew media outlets reported on Sunday.

Around a hundred Palestinians were killed in the riots, most of them terrorists. The events were marked by attempts to breach the border fence, the planting of explosives, and the use of kites equipped with incendiary devices.

The UNHRC recently voted to establish a committee to investigate the riots, with only the US and Australia opposing the idea.

Israel views the UNHRC as wholly biased and therefore unable to conduct a fair investigation. The overwhelming majority of the council’s resolutions are anti-Israel, and the Jewish state is the only country that is the object of a permanent agenda item.

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UKIP peer warns Home Secretary Sajid Javid: If Tommy Robinson is murdered or injured in prison, we’ll hold you accountable

The British authorities clearly want Tommy Robinson gone, and would be happy if he were killed in prison. Now UKIP peer Lord Pearson has warned Home Secretary Sajid Javid that if anything happens to Tommy, Pearson and his colleagues will mount a private prosecution of Javid.

It is good to see someone standing for freedom in Britain today, where the clouds of Sharia authoritarianism are thick and darkening.

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Tommy Robinson will be the UK’s tipping point

I remember cycling through the streets of South London on that blood-soaked day five years ago when Lee Rigby was killed. Riot vans screamed and hurtled past me. I’d no idea what was going on. It wasn’t until I got home that I saw there was an attempt at a beheading on the streets of South London, which explained the riot vans. I was traumatized, along with any other normal and sane human being who watched the murder unfold. The raised and bloodied hands of the devout Muslim who tried to behead Lee. The knife. The interview he gave.

I watched the news very closely in the ensuing days and shook my head with disbelief at the falsehoods that were being spread by the media and other Muslims. They were saying things like, “The killers were not true Muslims,” and that the killers’ motivations were a “misinterpretation of a beautiful religion.” All of this nonsense spouted by media and politicians alike. It was as though they were reading off a script. Lee’s killers had been mobile in Woolwich and their associates were still on the streets. Questions had to be answered, and there were more jihadists to be rounded up. I expected people to demand answers and not rest until we had them, but instead there was some graffiti sprayed here, some name-calling occurring there, and life carried on as usual.

I never expected to see the likes of it again, not on a UK street in broad daylight, but we’ve had less public beheadings in London since then, as well as car jihads and random, multiple stabbings. After each Islamic terrorist atrocity, I keep wondering, WHAT will tip the scales? We are becoming inured to terrorism and bloodshed. Terror attacks are as normal an event as a clock ticking in the UK today. And after each one, we have the moronic lefties spouting utter nonsense such as, “We Londoners will carry on as normal.” Well, of course we will. What else can we do? We aren’t all going to carry out a mass exodus of the city or lock ourselves indoors. But how about the illogical left start thinking of ways to thwart jihadists and extremists, instead of stepping aside and letting them carry on with their barbaric ways?

What will make the people rise up out of their armchairs and realise that hashtags and candles and politicians aren’t fixing the problem? I was still wondering what the tipping point would be until Saturday, 26th May, 2018, when I went to a Free Tommy rally outside of 10 Downing Street. Tommy Robinson is the answer to my question. Tommy Robinson’s well-being will be the tipping point in the UK for authorities, police and politicians, and if they’re smart they’ll take notice of this. The energy and the passion at Downing Street and the anger was palpable at the doorstep of our current MP’s offices. There was a line-up of about 5 right-leaning MPs and others lined up to address the crowd and put forward their own opinions and inform and motivate us. But the crowd was not in a mood to listen, not even to people who are on our side. The consensus seemed to be that enough talking had been done. It was now time for action, and we had all the motivation that we needed – Tommy’s well-being – and we wanted the parliamentarians to be sure they heard us, so we shouted as loud as we could.

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