Lessons of the Afgantsy for the Syrians

“With the defeat of terrorist forces, the situation in (…) is stabilized, the legitimate government is in control of the country.”

Sounds familiar? No surprise.

For this is the mantra that Russian propagandists keep repeating with reference to Syria: Assad has won!

The above statement, however, was made in 1983 about Afghanistan, three years after the Red Army had invaded to prevent the fall of the “legitimate government” dominated by local Communists.

Since, contrary to the adage, history doesn’t repeat itself, one should not conclude that Syria today is what Afghanistan was decades ago.

Afghanistan is almost three times larger than Syria and much more difficult terrain for military operations. At the time of the Soviet invasion, Afghanistan had the same size of population as Syria today, with the difference that anti-Communist forces could draw on a vast demographic reservoir in Pashtun-majority parts of Pakistan.

via Lessons of the Afgantsy for the Syrians

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