Israel Chooses to Retain Freedom and Liberty

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There has been a small-scale level of discontent on the Gaza border with Israel for the past month or so. This small-scale level of discontent on the Gaza side was covered by the mainstream media in much of the developed world as families coming together to have a picnic, men joining together for daily prayer, youth playing pick-up games of soccer and numerous other innocent activities. Sure, they admitted, there were some who were protesting just like you would expect with speeches, signs, some yelling and burning tires and that was about as strenuous as the activities on the border reached. Then they covered the Israeli side of the border where they brought up water-cannons, teargas launchers, rubber-bullets and live-fire of real bullets. The Israelis escalated their actions each day with them killing Gazans in some numbers and injuring thousands upon thousands. There was no real reason for the Israeli…

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220 Airstrikes on Palestinians; World Yawns

While all eyes are set on the weekly demonstrations organized by Hamas and other Palestinian factions along the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel, as part of the so-called March of Return, a Palestinian refugee camp near Damascus is facing a wide-scale military offensive and ethnic cleansing by the Syrian army and its allies.

The war crimes committed against the Palestinians in Yarmouk camp have so far failed to prompt an ounce of outrage, much less the sort of outcry emerging from the international community over the events of the past four weeks along the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel.

The international community seems to differentiate between a Palestinian shot by an Israeli soldier and a Palestinian shot by a Syrian soldier.

In the first case, Hamas and several Palestinian groups have been encouraging Palestinians to march towards the border with Israel, with some even trying to destroy the security fence and hurling stones and petrol bombs at Israeli troops. The organizers of the Gaza demonstrations say their real goal is to “achieve the right of return and return to all of Palestine.”

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Shock in Israel as Jewish US senator backs Hamas and denies Israel’s right to defend its borders

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has condemned the attempts of Israel to defend its borders following violent riots along the Gaza border , as he called on the Trump administration and Congress to take action against Israel, but not against Hamas, which provoked these riots.
Every week thousands of Islamists (Hamas terrorists & their supporters) take part in violent riots along the Gaza border.
During which rioters they threw rocks, firebombs and even opened fire at Israeli troops on the other side of the fence.
For many Israeli families, the Gaza Strip is a short walk from their backyard. IDF soldiers don’t just protect a border, but what lies behind it — our families, our homes, and our children.
The Muslim rioters in Gaza waved Nazi flags between two “Palestinian” terror flags during the riots But Bernie Sanders supports their right to demonstrate (call for the murder of Jews).

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Genocide in Nigeria

Two days ago in Nigeria, on April 24, around 30 Muslim herdsmen stormed a church during early morning mass and massacred nearly 20 parishioners and two clergymen.

Rev. Fathers Joseph Gor and Felix Tyolaha were slaughtered while officiating at the altar of St. Ignatius Catholic Church in Mbalom village, Benue. Worshippers were gathered in the church for the daily 5:30 a.m. service when they heard gunshots.

“People started scampering and wailing,” said Terhemen Angor, a local resident. Several people were “gunned down in cold blood while many sustained injuries including bullet wounds… After attacking the church, the invaders descended on the community and razed over 60 houses. The community is on fire and deserted, people are fleeing to neighbouring villages hoping to find a safe haven for their families.”

As in similar occurrences, “concerted efforts to get [a] reaction from the Benue Police Command failed,” according to Vanguard News. As far back as January 3, and further indicative of the authorities’ indifference, one of the slain reverends, Fr. Gor had written on Facebook, “Living in fear. The fulani herdsmen are still around us in Mbalom. They refuse to go. They still go grazing around us. No weapons to depend on ourselves.”

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Imams in the U.S and Canada: Which Should be Backed?

Since U.S. President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on December 6, 2017, at least three U.S. imams have called for the death of Jews — not Israelis: Jews — in Friday sermons at mosques across the U.S., which treasures freedom of speech, no matter how distasteful — unless it is “directed at inciting or producing imminent lawless action” or “likely to incite or produce such action.”

In Canada, however, there is no freedom of speech — meaning that “hate speech” is regarded as a crime that can be prosecuted. A few years ago, imams who did call for death of Jews in Canada resulted in some of these imams being investigated or prosecuted.

It is important to know what is being said, and by whom.

On Friday, December 8, 2017, for example, a sermon delivered in a Raleigh, North Carolina mosque, a U.S.-based Syrian imam, Abdullah Khadra, cited an anti-Jewish hadith (saying or act of Muhammad) that says, “By the end of time,” Muslims will exterminate all Jews. The sermon was recorded and transcribed by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

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